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Sep 30, 2007
Death note is a perfect manga of suspence and thriller. The story line is rich and tasteful and characters really standout from other manga and anime by the fact that they are so different. while reading Death note it will make you think and guess until the end. This manga is has dark themes because the main character basically goes on a killing spree for 6 years to create the perfect world and outsmart this foes.

About the story. The main character is Light Yagami who is a bored Highschool student, he soon finds a Death note which has the power to kill people by writing read more
Sep 8, 2007
Devil May Cry is an excellent action anime! This anime follows Dante who owns a cafe called Devil may cry. There he is hired To kill demons. Theres many fights and heaps of blood. And its just so cool the way he uses his sword. everyone with a thrust for blood will love this.
May 1, 2007
If you ask me its a real drag. All they do is talk in a fantasy RPG online game. This guy cant log out and the story revolves around him and his sorta friends. Really boring and couldnt get past all the episodes. Its Drama with no comedy or action. I know Its a MMO. But sorry to say there isn't great battles, pvp, magic, Lengendary monster to fight or anything to do with questing and training. Very sad. I would never watch it but if you like All talking about some stupid reason than this is for you.
May 1, 2007
Well I will start at the Beginning. Tora a highschool girl forced to live in a tent after her mother a ex-bike gang member dies. But shortly she is discovered by the Sumo Family and come to live with them. But they are cursed to turn into one of the zodiac animals. Join them and watch as the story unfolds and adventures they come across. Mostly Comedy with a mix of Drama and some action.