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Sep 3, 2017
So far, a lot of my friends have really disliked this anime for its Plot and generic idea, but I wanna give my perspective, and why I really like this anime despite it's apparent flaws

Story (8/10)
The story is pretty generic isekai with mecha. That's really all there is to it. My friends say the story is pretty generic for the genre, and honestly, it's true. But one thing that really makes me like it so much is that, there aren't very many Isekai mecha anime that's as straightforward as this. There's no grand scheme. There's no amazing, impending danger. There's no reason to band together read more
May 28, 2016
Story: (8/10)
- I can't exactly give it a 9 or a 10 despite how much I liked the story. For starters, the story isn't exactly deep. You can take the story at face value. What makes it deserve an 8 though? For starters, the dorama in this movie is REAL. It exceeded what the series even did in 2 hours of content. But enough about the dorama, WHAT ABOUT THE TANKS. The amount of absurd tank movements and tactics in this movie is cranked up to 11. And you thought the series had WTF tank tactics, wait till you get a load of the movie. read more
Sep 7, 2014
I'll be frank, this anime deserves 24 episodes, not 13. The simple fact that it only had 13 episodes made it bland. To be honest, I'm writing this after watching the anime and after reading the manga and a few portions of the Light Novel that I tried to read (hard to read when its not translated. Its either there's really no translation yet or I just suck at finding these translations). The manga had a lot more to show, and it gave you time to like each character. Each character in the series had their own development, this is true as well in the read more
Dec 27, 2013
Hmmm, I have no idea what the reason is for others disliking the series, but its not ALL that bad. I enjoyed it as much as any other harem lover would, but the thing that really hit me is this. Us Infinite Stratos fans waited for a sequel, and they give us a sequel. They give a totally incomplete series and although good for the most part, it was totally ruined by the ending. I honestly like this one, because unlike newer harem animes, they are more concerned on the trope of the harem genre, Infinite Stratos 2, like the first season, gave a blend read more
Apr 30, 2013
To those who've never played the Visual novel:
My review would be different for 2 kinds of audience: The People who've played Little Busters Visual Novel and those who haven't. I will explain later as to why.

I'll start off to those who've haven't seen the visual novel. At first glance you would believe it to be a usual happy-go-lucky comedy anime with very few character developments, but just like many of Key's works, Little Busters is in no way a happy-go-lucky anime. It is filled with drama that would put you at the edge of your seat at every turn. For those searching for comedy, then read more
Mar 30, 2012
Overall, it was cute. The story wasn't bad. Its just that, the main character should've done more than stand there and look cute! The story started to become a battle for the guy's affection. LITERALLY BATTLE. And the main character doesn't get much screen time, since it focuses more on the battle. But I'd say that even though its like this,where its more focused on the Harem part of the story instead of the drama, its a good OVA, and definitely better than the main toHeart2 series, where they tried using harem, even though the story was intended to be drama. Check out the Visual read more
Mar 30, 2012
My rating for this may be high, but don't misunderstand. The anime was a big let down. I'd say the OVA'S were better then this. Its because toHeart2 deserved to have 24 episodes. 13 episodes isn't going to cut it. They took one gigantic chunk out of Konomi's story line and didn't even bother to finish any of the other girl's story lines. The anime was based on a visual novel, however, the anime was based on the Bad End route, where Takaaki is unable to get any of the girls. Its good harem wise but not so much for drama, since toheart2 was dramatic read more
Oct 17, 2011
As you might wonder why I put up such a low score for this series is because of the way it follows the story. For people who've watched the past episodes of this series, you may be in for quite the bumper ride of your life. I've seen the past seasons. I've liked it, and if I had to review it I'd say its outstanding. But for my point of view for this season. Its going to be good, I also like the voice actors, so I put outstanding on sound, Art is obviously very good so I put Great, but the new storyline is read more