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Nov 30, 2019
In the analysis of Dr Schreber, Freud makes the claim that hallucinations are a positive sign in the treatment of schizophrenic patients, for the reason that the hallucinations evidence the mind processing & working through whatever its underlying pathology may be. In properly systemic thinking, Freud's lessons come into play in a show such as this, where a systemic entity, a city, goes through the same convulsions of a mind, the underlying pathologies, the systems of the city, working themselves out via the bloody spectacle that takes up the runtime. In proper Cybernetic analysis, Lukuss is given to as a system, inhuman machines commanding and read more
Oct 25, 2019
One of the examples given in the opening of the 2nd Plateau of ATP is the nature of a multiplicity, done by describing the nature of speed. Speed is topological in nature, it changes only be degree, by quantity, never by quality, being indivisible. All these multiplicities described are this way, changing only in degree, differences in kind only emerging from that. What is changing in degree in all of these is motion, some level of motion. This is the nature of wind as well, with "wind" not being so much an entity encapsulated like the word claims to, but instead being a motion across read more
Oct 22, 2019
Leave your city!

Hotaru departs from Tokyo, entering into a true way of life once closed off from her. Tokyo is only shown once, and not in regards to Hotaru. This is important, as Hotaru is giving up her past, her urbanite origins and recognizing them for being anti-origins, the origins of having no place. This is the first step on the journey she leads the audience into, as the show explores the interlocking strands of life. Renge makes a cat's cradle called "outer space" which brings to mind the quote from the end of Pound's life "interlocking strands and tensions" w/r/t the foundation of Confucian read more
Oct 22, 2019
Below the Cavendish Manor lays forgotten chambers of healing, through Diana's study, ancient tensions are ceased with dragons, the leylines are reinvigorated via these types of archaeological actions. Like most media concerning questions of witchcraft, LWA is overtly traditional and revivalist, but at such a late stage of genre-writing that its most interesting themes are dealt with only as framing tropes for what is clearly the true text of the show, the character motions played out in subtle and obvious drama as the story movies forward. At the very least, an interesting door is opened in interpreting the role of media and theatrics in showing read more
Oct 21, 2019
A practical guide for making yourself a body without organs via the Wired. Lain sublimates her form into the Wired, slipping away from the concrete identity (Iwakura Lain), in order to become the wired-human, the human who exists in conduit spaces, perpetual travel and perpetual reading. That she has been forgotten is the final stage of her ascension by becoming totally absent, totally yin. Her present (yang) has been burned away, leaving only some intelligence which navigates flows of information, communication, etc. That this is a technological tale is important, the density and volume of information being the means by which she achieves this, becoming read more