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Liddo-kun Apr 12, 2019 6:23 AM
Thanks for telling me that Peeping Analyze is subbed further now. Time to check out the manga again. :))

Liddo-kun Apr 11, 2019 10:45 AM
Nice shows that you are watching.

Anyway, just one more thing about Peeping Analyze manga. I'm still on chapter 3, because it was only english translated up to that chapter. :(
Liddo-kun Apr 6, 2019 11:55 PM
Sorry for late reply. Yeah, have read Peeping Analyze and enjoyed it. I actually prefer it to be the one animated instead of what they gave us in season 1...

For new shows... mine would be

1. Hitoribocchi Seikatsu
2. Ochikobore Fruit Tart
3. Machikado Mazoku
4. Symphogear season 5
5. Somali and the Forest Spirit

What's your list? :)
Liddo-kun Apr 2, 2019 4:55 AM

The Endro cd just has two songs. The full opening theme and Happy Dougo~, the other two tracks are instrumental version of the first two.
Both songs can be found in youtube or just use your google-fu. :)

Those are nice cards they created for Seiran... but they should have made some for the other girls too, espescially Mathers.. she's an addict on cards. xD


Now that you mentioned it... the anime was just fine for me. But what I really liked is the manga.. that girl Piruluk, in the story where she is the main character.
Liddo-kun Apr 1, 2019 5:38 AM
As promised here's pics of the Endro item I ordered from japan. :)
Picked it up from the post office today.

Music is crisp and clear to the ears. Yusha and friends have cute voices.

box opened




Liddo-kun Mar 23, 2019 4:39 AM
Haha, yeah the BD's were a success. I also heard of a GuP convention that happened years ago somewhere in the US, where they have a real Panzer IV on display. People can take a picture together with the tank at 10$ per person. The money would be donated to the museum that owns the tank.

Actually I tracked down the source of the weird dream after watching Kizuna Ai play the resident evil 2 remake. In the dream I was walking fast to escape, then the bunny corpses laying on the road are beginning to stand and try to grab me. Just like how some zombies in the RE 2 remake would be sitting or laying down before trying to attack the player. O___O

Hmm, and my display pic is Liddo-kun, a stuffed animal from Love Hina anime. :)
Liddo-kun Mar 20, 2019 5:39 AM
Girls und Panzer

Years ago when the anime was still airing. There was a GuP convention done in Japan, it was a thursday.. and they thought few people would come. But so many fans came, a portion of the street jammed with traffic and the con had to be cancelled. This happened, not joking.. it was posted at the other forum I post in with pics of the horde of otaku who came. I guess WW2 is still a thing for some people.

Now, this one I'm not sure if true or just a made-up story. A forum member said, a chinese watching GuP shared the battle at the snow where T-34's trapped Miho and friends... to a real WW2 russian vet. The vet reportedly got excited and started drawing on paper how the russian tanks cornered their enemies. Then the vet questioned "why no real russian?" in the anime. Take this one with a grain of salt as I have no proof of this.

Yeah, cannot hit even at point blank range on ep 4. Ute!! xD


Thanks for the extra info on Manaria friends. Funny to know that those were actually genderbend characters.



Believe it or not. Yesterday, I had a scary dream where I was being chased by zombie versions of those yellow bunnies in their bunny man video. Imagine Night of the Living Dead, but replace the zombies with dead yellow bunny man. Night of The Living Bunny? O___O


Liddo-kun Mar 19, 2019 6:26 AM
Added you. I see now some Girls and Panzer. Did you like the show? :)

Thanks for the Manaria trivia. Honestly, I watched it without knowing any of the other shows related to it.

Oh, nice thanks again for the trivia on the source of their group name. hehe :3

Hmm, yes 22/7 is indeed a group. However, the members have individual channels. Sakura's personal channel has approximately 36,000 subscribers. The others have something like 8,000 subscribers each. Now, the reason some videos of other members are also uploaded to Sakura's channel is to advertise them to fans.. because Sakura channel get the most views.

USA (english subbed)

Liddo-kun Mar 18, 2019 3:06 PM
There's always things to talk about, I sometimes go silent with some people for a period of a few weeks to a few months, but then there comes things to talk about and we talk again. I only asked if you watched those anime, because your list is hidden. You probably have a reason for doing that, so I won't ask further questions.

Anyway, have been enjoying Manaria friends.. so my opinion would be a biased one in favor of the show. As for bait or not... there are certain things I look for to see if something is bait or actual yuri... my measuring stick is shows like Koufuku Grafitti and Hibike Euphonium are bait, while Manaria Friends and Wataten are real yuri shows - feel free to disagree on that, we probably have different ways to measure yuriness. Anyway, I prefer to just enjoy shows than to debate , which is why you see me ignoring certain people in threads when it comes to these topics. xD

Nice to see that you like the Fate series. I only watched FSN and Carnival Phantasm, but definitely enjoyed those. :)

Ah, nice you liked Reika's cover too.

My favorite is her Soul Refrain cover. Familiar song, although I can't exactly remember from what anime.

Liddo-kun Mar 18, 2019 5:50 AM
Do you watch any of these shows? Mahou Asuka, Kemurikusa, Egao no daika, Wataten, Kotobuki? So we can have more things to discuss. :)


Glad you liked it. As a last thing about Sakura, here is how she sings solo. ^__^

Ah, have no idea about that. Don't know the origins of their group name. xD

(english subs can be turned on)

Liddo-kun Mar 17, 2019 7:32 AM
Then how about Yusha with Rona, so she won't be a stand alone? XD


That was Sakura and Miyako. They're a bit different from other virtual youtubers because they are members of an idol group in real life. Name of their group is 22/7


Sakura (Sally Amaki) is the more famous one. And she can speak some english. :)

Liddo-kun Mar 16, 2019 3:21 PM
Hard to choose a favorite girl in Endro, as everyone is nice. However, if I had to choose it would be Yusha.. she choose to help the girl who lost her cat in a previous episode. I like cats, and have adopted some in real life.

I think Mei did the right choice in the festival. It would ruin the event if they tried take home the big one.. and she was already given free cartado from the fields. :)

Episode 10:


And totally unrelated. Just for fun. English subs can be turned on. ^^

Liddo-kun Mar 16, 2019 5:24 AM
That theory about EroYuu coming from lolisuka fragment is possible too. Well, although we have no way to prove anything right now unless they continue the story.


Oh, having fun with it. Best episode so far for me is the one where they had to "rescue" Rona from Mao-sensei. I do think Mao is a good person right from the start, she only wish to leave the lonely demon lord castle - which seems to have been fulfilled already, as she is now a teacher loved by her students.

And in case you're interested to see. I have ordered an Endro item from CDJapan. Will show pics when it arrives. :)

what's your favorite episode?
Liddo-kun Mar 15, 2019 6:16 AM
I really thought she would just look at her hand still empty after shouting at the end, but behold a cassette was there. Agree again that it's overcoming personal issues allowed her to gain that item. Well, it's actually good to have that imo... never know when the twilight will creep again into the fragment she lives in.

For me, this isn't cgdct at all... it's more like female kamen rider with all the armour they're putting on. xD
And I do plan to rewatch it again as well. The episodes surprsingly have decent replay value.

The strongest plot twist was the Kyou-chan turn into loli Asuka at the final battle for Seriouska fragment. Many people at another forum I post in was caught by that too. We all thought the small cloaked child at the OP was Kyou-chan... but was not! Well written, and it did not feel like they pulled it out of nowhere. Loli Asuka was there right from the start.

About Kyou... my theory is that there is some greater evil that made him disappear from all fragments. I just hope they give us some sort of special episode to explain the Kyou mystery. Although leaving it unexplained is fine too.

Yeah, the style the final episode was told somehow reminded me of Eva. :)

Kick-ass soundtrack indeed. My favorite was the wild west arc when Mia transformed for the first time.
Liddo-kun Mar 15, 2019 4:13 AM
Sorry for late reply. Agreed. I like all the Asuka's too. Although Seriouska would have to be my fav.\

It was a big surprise for me at the end. When she said "come forth my twilight self!" A casette tape really appeared. :O
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