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May 8, 2013
Sword Art Online has managed to garner both a large following and a very bad reputation for being "the worst anime of all time" in the relatively short while that it's been out. My personal opinion of SAO was that, no, it wasn't the best anime I've ever seen, but it certainly wasn't the worst. I mean, there are some really, really bad anime out there, and I don't think that SAO holds a candle to the horrors of some of them. And I'll tell you why.
I have mixed feelings about the Story of Sword Art Online. read more
Dec 8, 2012
The premise of the story is okay enough. An app that changes people's outfits. I think that the story could have been pretty funny and interesting, especially is this was a full fledged TV anime and not just an OVA.

The art was pretty good. That was what initially interested me in the show; that and the fact that it would be a short, easy watch.

The sound: also fine. I don't really have much to say about that.

I thought that the characters were the lowest part in this OVA. There was no character I liked and no character I disliked. I think, for me at read more
Sep 6, 2012
Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) was a surprisingly fun and addictive watch. It takes awhile to get into the series, but after several episodes I was hooked. It wasn't the story that got me. To be honest, the plot wasn't what made the show for me. My enjoyment was much more character driven. The art was pretty good, I thought the style fit the characters and the story well. Lydia's hair was a bit out of hand, though. I'm not sure she brushed it very much :) The characters were fun. Edgar was undoubtedly my favorite, but Kelpie and Raven were fun, too. read more
May 7, 2012
If you have ever seen the anime Fruits Basket and are wondering whether or not to read the manga- do it! It's completely and totally worth it. The story, the art, the characters; everything is beautiful. Fruits Basket really managed to capture a wide range of ideas, emotions, and different themes.
Takaya does a fantastic job of switching from mood to mood throughout and even manages to capture the growing characters with grace. Fruits Basket is, undeniably, an incredible work of art, and I would recommend it to anyone who asked.
And, yes, the manga is every bit as good, if not better, than the read more