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Dec 21, 2015
My first introduction to the Love Live! franchise was the app game Love Live! School Idol Festival. It's a very fun, challenging, and addictive game. The playlist is very well done. Some of the songs are very very good!

I almost didn't watch the movie since I haven't watched seasons 1 or 2 yet. But since I already knew the characters from the game I figured I just watch the movie and watch the 1st 2 seasons later on. I'm glad I did because the movie on it's own was great.

The story is easy to follow and not very complex but it manages to still read more
Oct 25, 2015
Even though it came out in 2014 and the new season just started in 2015 I can tell you now that for whatever reason this movie, K: Missing Kings was meant to be watched after the 1st episode of K: Return of Kings. In the first episode we see Mikoto as the Red King, but as soon as the 2nd episode starts we are introduced to a new Red King with Anna.

The events in the movie about an 1 hour and 12 minutes is roughly 2-3 episodes of "missing" information and story line that are crucial elements to the new season. In order to read more
Oct 25, 2015
Mod Edit: Review may contain spoilers.

Currently on episode 13/13

I don't think this anime can be properly appreciated with out watching K: Missing Kings Movie between episodes 1 and 2. Because there are huge bits of info "missing" between the first 2 episodes. The movie isn't a prequel. It fits directly in between episodes 1 and 2 and explains what happens Mikoto and how Anna becomes the new Red King. What happened to the Gold King and the Gold clan members. As well as other pieces of key information related to the events leading up to the 4 episode.

I love everything about this series so far. read more