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Jul 18, 2020
I usually understand the hype around seasonal anime, but this one really stumps me. Have legions of people never seen another shounen before? Are people just watching the OP and then skipping to the water scenes? Do people actually find Zenitsu's non-stop screaming funny? These are all questions I had to grapple with while watching probably the most disappointing series in all of 2019.

Story - It's a fairly standard 'kill the bad guy who killed my family' story, with a bit of Tokyo Ghoul tossed in. It hits several common shounen tropes and executes on them somewhat-competently, I guess: a training arc, an exam, another ...
Jan 22, 2015
Overhype, thy name is Evangelion.

Since I started watching anime, it seemed that all anybody could do was talk about how amazing this show is. In a sense, they're right. When one watches this show, they must see it through a lens of how revolutionary Evangelion was at the time, and how largely it influenced anime. However, this review isn't about that. This review is about how enjoyable this anime is to watch. Evangelion is well-written, full of symbols, and smartly deconstructs the mecha genre; however, it is pretentious, at its best underwhelming, and at its worst a complete waste of time to watch.

Let me preface ...
Jan 18, 2015
Golden Time (Anime) add
After finishing the marvelously written Toradora, I found a void in my heart that could only be filled with other romance-genre anime. I had heard of Golden Time as being another romance written by the same author as Toradora, which immediately had me intrigued. From the first 10 minutes or so, I could tell that this show would be - pardon the pun - a golden time.

There are a few pieces of this show that really stood out. The first is probably the most often mentioned when discussing this show: a rejection of the typical "romance" format (waiting until the last episode for a relationship ...
Dec 5, 2014
After watching (and enjoying) A Certain Scientific Railgun, I was very excited to start this show. Railgun is meant to be as a spinoff for one of the side characters in Index, so I was very curious to see what the main story actually is. To my dismay, however, I learned that Index, despite being the main story, is overwhelmingly average and mediocre compared to Railgun. I doubt I would have enjoyed this at all if there weren't any of the side characters from Railgun to keep things somewhat interesting.

Much like most anime that I have gripes with, my main two issues are the story ...
Dec 3, 2014
Clannad (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
As I read through these reviews, I become more and more convinced that the people writing them are confusing this show with Afterstory. Yes, Afterstory very rightfully has a special place in most of our hearts for being a compelling and emotional ride (starting from episode 8). However, this review is not about Afterstory- it's about Clannad. For all of it's amazing reviews, season 1 of Clannad is a piece of work so overwhelmingly cookie-cutter that it may in fact be the most overrated romance story of all time.

First, let me discuss what I liked about Clannad. Comedy is undeniably the best feature in this ...
Nov 23, 2014
Mixed Feelings
I've seen many people compare this anime to a novel or another work of literary art. In a sense, they are correct. I found this anime to be very reminiscent of some of the books my english class had assigned in high school: well-written, full of symbolism and poetic imagery, but not engaging/captivating.

Story - My biggest issue with this show is the story. The basic plot (which you can read in the above synopsis) seems simple enough. However, there are many side stories, background stories, and things that are hinted at that are never resolved, explored, nor explained. Many times an episode would end with ...
Nov 23, 2014
FLCL (Anime) add
It seems that the writers were convinced that rapidly alternating between art styles, animating grandiose nonsense, and neglecting a coherent story are viable substitutions for writing something that's actually entertaining. They were wrong. I was bored senseless both times I watched this, even though I read many analyses of the series after my first watch.

Story - There isn't one. When I try to describe it to people they think that I'm just making things up. The story is so nonexistent that it's pretty impossible to spoil.

Character - The MC from Evangelion is paired up with a bipolar schizophrenic girl with unexplained magical powers. The ...
Nov 20, 2014
What makes a show great? Is it the engaging story? Is it the interesting characters? Is it the immersion the show creates? I find myself always asking these questions whenever I start a series. Hunter x Hunter was no exception. I hadn't heard much when I first started it, but I had heard comparisons to Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan, both of which are some of my favorite shounens. Still, I had my doubts. "148 episodes? How could there possibly be that much interesting plot without fillers?" I asked. I was a fool.

Let me tell you right now, 148 episodes is not enough. I ...