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Feb 13, 2017
I never know how to begin something like Reviews so I’m going to start right in.
This is going to be a very long text, so put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.
( I haven’t seen any other sequel, prequel, OVA, Special or Movie of Initial D at this point in time)

To kind of give a conclusion of the whole Review right at the beginning: Initial D as an anime is really not for everyone. I will soon enlighten you why that could be the case, but to take your suspicions of me not liking the anime away I will say that I absolutely adore read more
Apr 18, 2016
I went in this Anime completely blind without really knowning what it was about, nobody influenced me with their opinion and the only information I got were 6-seconds-AMVs on Vine. I knew that many people really liked this Anime and from the first looks I got it seemed really good.

It seems there are only two ways you can view this Anime: Amazing or Awful.
About two minutes in I knew this would be one of the most horrible Anime I've seen in a long time. And for the people who found it Awful there are two kinds too: The ones who are really angry about read more
Oct 8, 2015
I discovered this anime by accident and I have to admit that I haven't watched the predecessor, but I'm planning to. Now, I have to say that I expected a 'cute' anime and I got one.
It was in my opinion going strong sweet and cheesy in the beginning, reminding me a little bit of Disney movies. I liked that and so I was looking forward to the story.

Unfortunately it lost that very soon. The story seemed to streched out and kind of repeated itself, the main characters as well as the side characters got transparent and so ridiculously cliched that at some point I read more