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May 31, 2016
I'm not a fan of Netorare, I downright hate it, but I have to say this is one of the very, very rare cases of a story with a Netorare element that I found enjoyable story-wise along with the H-Scenes.

It deals with the story of Mitsuko, your typical young housewife who is unfulfilled sexually. She's married to her husband Ichiro and has a daughter with him, but he hasn't touched her after the child's birth. Mitsuko and her family move in with her father-in-law, along with his young-wife Sumie, her son* and his other son, Kouji from a previous marriage.

Of course the ...
Aug 9, 2013
First off, I really wanted to give this hentai a Very Good rating; but I could not.
Don't get me wrong, this is a decent hentai. I personal felt that they could have done so much more for a monster rape hentai.

Princess Knight Catue falls under the "Bikini Knight" genre of hentai

The premise of this one is this: Princess Knight Catue, the "heroine" in this story comes home to find her kingdom in ruin, buy a demon-lord. Her loved ones: Mother, lover, and citizens are held captive and in order for her to free then, she must endure several days of humiliating sexual torture. ...
Jan 17, 2013
The two lovers are a Female Teacher (Katsuko) and Student(Jun). It opens with the two professing their love for one another, and the teacher losing her cherry to the guy. The other guy (ShinoHara) is another sleazeball student, who has the hots for the teacher. One day he catches the two, and well you know...Blackmail/sex, addicted to the sleeze's dick.

Look you get it. This is based off a Manga which I've read. And if the Hentai follows it, it has an better ending than most netorare out there.

I had respect for Jun, but hated Katsuko, yet felt bad for ...
Apr 10, 2012
I've never been one for nurse Hentai, but this one caught me by surprise. Yeah the main character is a sneaky manipulative bastard, but in a way yah can't help feel jealous for him nailing 4 hotties. The H-Scenes were pretty decent, especially the one gang-bang scene which was the best, next to the kid playing dumb around the true slutty nurse. (I did hate the way he treats her in the second episode)

Usually I don't dig the manipulative bastards, but since he isn't cast against a better guy in the series, it's alright, and the fact the women are ...
Apr 10, 2012
Manin Densha (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
There really must be something wrong with me, The studio that makes this anime and others like it are sick...but artists in a way. The storylines make you feel bad somewhat, especially the second episode, but overall I enjoyed them, except the third, mainly because it involves petite small breasted girls. The animation is not bad, but the storyline,, what would expect about molestation and rape on a train.

The second episode storyline reminds me of TrueBlue and Triangle Blue..but not so much. If your into this sick Hentai with story lines like this then this is for you.

Apr 10, 2012
Ah, the sequel to True Blue or as I call it "Another cheating-redhead whore"

This time, all the characters are back from the first series. You really feel like who ever made this Hentai, made the hero/young boyfriend, just so they could crap all over him. This poor kid, just when he might find the right girl for him, and this time you can say he did. The Hentai gods descend their wraith upon the poor kid.

Now I say the story is alittle better, but still gave me a bad feeling. As I said, the kid does find ...
Apr 10, 2012
True Blue (Anime) add
This is what I call "Cheating Red-head, whore series" Because that's what this one is, if you seen Triangle Blue or Grope, you'll understand why. Hell, one could combine all three series together, to make one large H-Series, about a cheating redhead.

But....As much as I hated the stroyline, I found myself enjoying it, even if I felt rotten...I honestly felt like I was actually watching a girl get raped in front of me. That said I had mixed feelings for the boyfriend, from pitying him, to thinking he was such a wuss. The ending of the last episode changes those feeling to just ...
Apr 10, 2012
Triangle Blue (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This is one of those hentai's where you do feel bad for watching, because of the story. But I'm sad to say I found myself enjoying the H-scenes especially the ones in the first episode, where Asato is being seduced and each time it escalates. Towards the end, you want to feel bad for Akane and just hate Asato and her sister. The ending, which is somewhat of a sick-twisted surpise ending, makes you really not care about any of the characters.
Apr 10, 2012
Mixed Feelings

If you seen the "True Blue" series, or "Triangle Blue" series, then you already know what your in for. I'd like to say I enjoyed this one..but like those other series, it just felt bad after watching it. It's the same setup: Two long friends who have been in love with each other and admit that love to one another. Then comes along another friend of the two, who also likes the girl, and weasels his way to take advantage of her.

The first episode made me feel bad for Shinichi The second made me feel even ...

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