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Jan 11, 2020
Spoilers in bound. Watch the short first! At the time of writing this, it's available on youtube with english and spanish subtitles.

Mizu no Kotoba, or Aquatic Language, it's the first short of Yoshiura Yasuhiro, in which he expunges his views on Kotodama, the belief that words are living things, with inherent power when they're spoken. This idea isn't just present in this short, not by a long-shot, but it's one of the few I've seen that name-drop the concept directly. Another one that comes to mind is the movie, Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai, that funnily enough it's about cute girls doing radio. But what read more
Jan 10, 2020
I had a dream about this manga a few hours ago. Needless to say, I kind of always have it on my mind. It's nothing special, but ambiguous. It's a one shot, so don't expect to have that much to sink your teeth into, but for some reason, I did find a lot of things to extrapolate from it. Almost every line and panel had something to tell. I enjoyed the main metaphor a whole lot and with the abundance of... marriage problems in the manga world, I'm glad to see one without such a dire outlook on it. Usually these manga one shots never read more