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Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season
Aug 24, 11:15 AM
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Jul 22, 12:55 PM
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FLCL Progressive
FLCL Progressive
Jul 22, 12:55 PM
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Sweet Guilty Love Bites
Sweet Guilty Love Bites
Jun 29, 5:31 PM
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Jun 29, 4:57 PM
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Boku wa Mari no Naka
Boku wa Mari no Naka
May 11, 4:28 PM
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CzeroC Feb 4, 1:10 AM
Hmm, I see, I haven't watched the movie so I don't know. However, I didn't understand everything about Utena either, the ending was ambiguous but the way the characters played out doesn't seem... pretentious. But of course, that was a big minus for me, as the show relies too much on their symbolism and metaphor without giving us a proper explanation, hence my ride was somewhat disrupted. I also enjoyed the BGM, like the one when Utena enters the arena it just kept going on and on and I can't stop listening to. In the end, I think Utena is all about giving up the past and move on, a rather mature theme, given the release year and the studio who mostly works on "bright and shiny" theme.

And I see you're also watching/reading Made In Abyss, I like the world building but some characters just don't seem to fit for me, except for Ozen & Lyza, I'm really dying to see more Lyza now but looks like it'll take a lot more while.
CzeroC Jan 28, 2:14 AM
Good to see you're enjoying it, it somewhat reminds me of Madoka, anyway I liked the art style despite being very old. As for plot and characters I can say it's as "revolutionary" as the title suggests, it managed to blend several themes together while maintaining the tone.

I never watched Sailor Moon before but I do vaguely remember seeing it quite some time on the TV back then, sure brings back some memories.

Well, the awkwardness remains the same, but there's some development in a darker way than the first 2 episode. However I cannot say the execution was seamless, it feels like the studios weren't sure of what to do. It's just as you said, the show makes me understand instantly what's going on but it feels very bland and mediocre, thus making the episode anti-climatic. I think right now it won't make you feel any better than episode 2, as for me I think I can still cope with it for a few more episodes to see if there's any kind of interesting twists.
CzeroC Jan 25, 6:06 PM
Yup, I prefer subtlety to straightforwardness. And yeah they can just come up with another way, and the pacing felt very unnecessarily fast as well, I think the character need to grow slowly and the development in ep 2 was awkward as well.

Sure thing. Btw you're watching Utena as I can see, how does it go so far?
CzeroC Jan 23, 8:29 PM
So-so I guess, I simply turn my attention to Visual Novel and therefore found little time for anime, but still manage to follow seasonal stuffs.

Hmmm, gotta agree with you about being nothing special apart from the aesthetic value. I see what you mean and you're not alone, since Darling is made from the same producer so you can easily notice the similarities. Not only that, I also finds a lot more references to famous show like TTGL, Code Geass, and Kill-la-kill. I found episode 2 to be disturbing as well, although lots of people are defending it by claiming those fanservice to be "sex metaphor", I can't seem to see the real purpose of making them but for attracting customers. That said, I still decide to stick with it for a bit longer, as Trigger rarely fails me XD.
CzeroC Jan 20, 6:39 PM
Hey there been a while, I noticed that you dropped Darling, the show is not going well for me either, but may I ask what makes you drop it?
Nirax Nov 18, 2017 6:02 PM
Rrrromantisch <3 (uh spoiler alarm, was fällt dir ein!!1!?1!
cyra_kitsune Sep 12, 2017 8:07 AM
Valkeiser May 10, 2017 8:45 AM
I've seen some comparisons with FLCL, but in my opinion FF is a lot better. The whole Pure Illussion concept has a lot to exploit, but I liked how it represented the fragmented mind of a person. I wish there were more shows like this one.

Also, cute gif!! Totally gonna make one when the BDs are released.

Valkeiser May 7, 2017 2:56 PM
Hey there!!

Yeah, your reply was a little late, like a month or so lmao.

Flip Flappers was quite a good rice for me. You can enjoy it as a simple and absurd show, or discover the different layers it has and analyze them. For me it was the story of a girl finding her place in the world, her individuality and even her sexual identity. I think I watched it all in one sit because is so entertaining and easy to binge.

Too bad there's not much FF fanart out there, This one was the best I found and immediately used it as profile pic.
xj3lly Apr 24, 2017 4:28 AM
RUVX Apr 8, 2017 6:29 PM
Nijigaharaa Apr 7, 2017 11:03 AM
:3 oh thanks ^^
Nijigaharaa Apr 1, 2017 2:07 PM
thanks for the accept :3 is this video on your prof perfect blue? :3
Valkeiser Mar 31, 2017 11:04 AM
Yeah, if you go completely blind into Lain it will creep you out. I knew what I was getting to, and still got mindfucked very hard lol.

SSY, I could speak of that show for hours. Every time I recommend it I like the impressions of the new-viewers after that finale. And is funny how you can find very different interpretations of the show's message. That's how good it is!

Haven't watched anything from this season and the one before. I was thinking on picking up Flip Flappers, One Room (just for the lols) and Tanya. Also the mandatory Rakugo S2. Any specific rec you can give me?
CzeroC Mar 31, 2017 3:53 AM
Yes, the combination of Slice of Life and Fantasy fits the show perfectly. The pacing is probably the show's strongest point, not one moment did i feel bored and it made me laugh hard many times. And yeah i was also moved by the heart-warming scenes, they just keep giving me pleasant surprise every time i click the next button. I agree with you about episode 12, it gives the explanation of how Kobayashi met Tooru and their bond are met, really funny yet touching, and Tooru's flashback is also a plus. Well i can see why people love Kanna so much, but i'm already immune to her lol, but she did move me a few times, still Tooru is imo the star of the show, don't always get to see such a cute girl in anime lately XD. *sigh* only 1 episode left though and i think it's gonna be intense, but don't really want this show to end...