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Nov 18, 2016
I watched this anime first time a long time ago and that was back when i didn't keep any list about the anime's that had watched. It was so long time ago that i didn't remember anything else except the ending scene so i had to watch it again to properly rate it. If i had rated it the first time i watched it probably would've given it little better score but now that i watched it again it was just horrible. This whole anime was for me somewhat torture most of the time (so much cringe) that i am honestly surprised that i could read more
Nov 7, 2016
When i started to watch the movie i just had finished the main series and thought they were good it just had it's bad's too.
For me this series got better and better to the end and this movie was very good finish because i think that to this anime the smaller length suits very well because i doesn't give enough time to do the to my opinion "pointless" fan service, so it can focus on the story.
And i'm kinda sucker for the fact that someone loses his/her powers and resurrects again at one point =)
At the end the whole series was good and this read more
Oct 24, 2016
When i started to watch Ibara no Ou i didn't really have any expectations expect the fact that i probably going to like it. In the beginning everything was there a killer virus that turns everyone into stone and people who are put to cold sleep to wait a cure and suddenly when they wake up everything has gone haywire. The story started really great at the beginning but at some point in the halfway it didn't really go the way i was expecting and that somewhat turned me off. The story about how everything happened was for me somehow really rushed off. Still i read more