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Oct 12, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This had some cool art (both light gore and minor ecchi), but there was overall little substance to the story. I think this would have been much better served with some more time to develop its plot and have a slower revelation of the killer, the circus disease, and the "soul weapons".

About three-quarters of the oneshot were discussing the mystery of the murders happening in the city, but the explanation and resolution of how the killer could use invisible weapons was rushed. Kusakabe's transition seemed to be hinted at with a brief panel showing her background at the circus, but her killer persona seemed ...
May 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
If you are looking for a brooding loner, a bubbly (but apparently sad) girl, and extremely mild romance, look no further.

Story, 5: As with most music manga, this could likely have been elevated with some sort of sound accompaniment. Both of the leads are stated to have great musical talent, but obviously readers are not able to verify this themselves. There are very brief, almost throwaway lines, that there may be something deeper to their songwriting motivations (Yukiya abandoning music because his couldn't compare, Souda wanting to write sad songs despite her upbeat hits maintaing her career, etc.), but this is ultimately too short of ...
Sep 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I'll get right to the point: this is four pages long with almost no plot to speak of. It serves up a decent amount of fanservice for Ito Junji fans using his typical story structure (family member discovers something suspicious with Souichi, shock reveal, etc.) and some recurring characters (Souichi and Tomie), but it's so short I can't recommend it unless you need to kill 30 seconds.

As this review is currently too short, I will recommend some longer titles from Ito Junji's catalogue that fans may enjoy more:
- Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection: Ijimetsu Musume
- Tomie
- Gyo
- Uzumaki
- Black Paradox
- Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection: ...
May 27, 2021
Delivering a heartfelt (if a bit cliché) story in only 34 pages, Kataude no Amy is a quick read worth the read.

The story focuses on a living doll named Amy and her life with her father. The story is told in first-person from her perspective, so he received the vast majority of the character development, though several side characters received minor attention. I had hoped for a more detailed depiction of one certain character that appears near the end of the title, but given its short length, this can mostly be forgiven.

The art was cute and fairly standard, with the highlight being Amy's expressions. Overall, ...
Mar 18, 2020
Sensor (Manga) add
Filled with stellar artwork and a story that weaves between cosmic mythos, religious iconography and classic horror, this is Ito Junji with some of his best work in recent years.

Story, 6: The volume is roughly tied together through the presence of Tsuchiyado Wataru, a journalist seeking information on the mysterious appearance of a golden-haired woman named Byakuya Kyouka. However, the first four chapters roughly felt like one-shots due to their relatively disconnected nature. Each explored a disturbing facet of the lore behind Byakuya Kyouka's appearance and the eruptions at Mount Sengoku. Though I enjoyed them for the most part and the conclusion was mostly ...
Nov 25, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Mod Edit: This review was original posted for Love Letter and has subsequently been merged into Kin no Hitsuji.

What if, before we were born, we all had a chance to choose our mothers?

This short and sweet one-shot relates the tale of one soul who does his best to make his mother happy, regardless of the circumstances.

Story, 6: There are definitely some rather cliche tearjerking moments in the story, but I enjoyed the premise and thought the different avenues of life both the soul and the mother follow were touching.

Art, 7: There were some particularly nice panels featuring the characters crying, and the rest ...
May 25, 2019
Mixed Feelings
This is the tale of a boy scorned by nearly every living creature imaginable.

Story, 6: A grim start that permeates the rest of the title. While there are glimpses of hope, the story is generally bleak and not for the faint of heart.

Art, 7: There are some grotesque body horror pieces, particularly using insect imagery, so those are worthy of note. The gore pages were sufficient.

Characters, 5: A one-note cast with few redeemable qualities; even the protagonist doesn't seem to have much depth outside of the early pages.

Enjoyment, 5: It was a short, one volume read but I don't feel like it was particularly ...
Jan 11, 2019
Sayo Yamomoto, now somewhat well-known for her more recent show, Yuri on Ice, had her directorial debut with Michiko to Hatchin. After her infatuation with Latin American film and a trip to Brazil, she unleashed her creativity with a show about an escaped convict trying to reunite a gangster's daughter with her mysterious father. While there is an overarching plot, many episodes are spent in an unrelated locale, developing the characters and the setting and allowing the show to truly feel alive.

The art is stunning, both with its fluid animation and color composition (particularly in the OP). Action scenes are well-choreographed, and backgrounds suit each ...
Jan 8, 2019
This title contains a three chapter story, "Because You Keep Smiling" and two one-shots, "At the Beginning and End of Love" and "You, the Firefly (Hotaru no Kimi). I reread the volume to write this review and keep the stories fresh in my mind. VERY MINOR SPOILERS may be included below, but without further ado.

"Because You Keep Smiling": Despite its clichéd premise, this manages to evoke powerful emotions in three short chapters. Only the two leads are really developed with any depth, but their relationship is cute and I thought the ending was tasteful. Probably the strongest story included in the volume, though that may ...
Sep 25, 2018
What happens to us when we're no longer useful to society? In twenty minutes, Golden Time tells a touching tale of finding new purpose, the value of friendship, personal redemption and the cycle of life.

Story, 7: A TV set is abandoned by its owner in favor of a newer-style and attempts to escape its surroundings. The story is tightly-paced and fleshes out the junkyard as its own world extremely well, all without dialogue (an impressive feat).

Art, 8: A muted, classic style presumably to match our television protagonist's own visuals. The background art is nice and the minor touches to flesh out characters' personalities were appreciated ...

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