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Jan 9, 2010
First I started watching this show, I was sure that that was just another school comedy. How I was wrong! From the first episode to the last I wasn't bored at all, despite the setting is quite simple.
Moe-moe bishoujo art was really good for my eyes, backgrounds sometimes were on a Shinkai's level! I really didn't expect that. The music was really decent: when the atmosphere was peaceful, I really felt this peacefullness.
What I liked the best... characters! They were just fantastic! Espesially main character, Sugisaki Ken, who breaks the stereotype read more
Aug 20, 2009
Sola (Anime) add (All reviews)
The story is about a normal student, who liked to take photos of the sky. One night, when he was trying to take a picture of the sunrise, he met a strange girl, who tells him she is not a human. Very good plot, sometimes really emotional scenes, good humor.
Art... Anything special, except, I liked the sky landscapes, very strong.
The opening and ending themes were masterpiece, but the other music repeats very often... All in all, I liked it.
Characters are unpredictable and individual. Very good.

The first 6 series are very different, from the last ones. Like two different directors. The first part was much more read more
Aug 20, 2009
When I started watching this series I hadn't got anything else on my disk, so It was the only reason why I didn't drop it.

First, the story. The genre of this anime is detective, so I expected something more, than just a simple story about super scientist, who decided to destroy the world. And I don't like stupid moments when one of the main characters are supposed to take part in SM with professor and a nurse. Why?! For what this was shown?!
The animation wasn't very good, especialy during fights. But sometimes I liked it, so it's OK.
I liked the music, it was very good, read more