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Apr 13, 2024
Dungeon Meshi (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I feel like there's three major arcs in Dungeon Meshi, and these will help readers decide if they want to stick with the manga.

The first arc feels almost like it's a Dungeon and Dragon's companion, while it might not be directly based on D&D, it's mostly about a party of adventurers in a dungeon, needing to find food, and thus cooking monsters. If you're already a D&D fan, you might enjoy this section the most, but I feel like it's the roughest part of the series.

The biggest issue is that while the main story line is introduced in the first chapter, it's ...
Apr 7, 2024
Mixed Feelings
After the first Kaiji manga I had some issues, mostly the number of extreme closeups on Kaiji's face to almost pass time in a manga.

The sequel, Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji, is slightly better, however if you look closely you can see the same character, layouts and panels used multiple times in a chapter, even on opposite pages.

However similarly the best thing in the original, the fact it was based on three games that went on for entirely too long but felt compelling the entire time is pushed to the limit in Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji. There's really two games in the entire ...
Mar 31, 2024
One Piece (Manga) add
Preliminary (1111/? chp)
It is significantly hard to write a review of any manga that is more than 1000 chapters, and especially one as popular as One Piece and make it worthwhile, but I think there's a way.

Simply put I started One Piece expecting to give up around couple hundred chapters in when I got bored, when it was too filler heavy, or when it felt like it wasn't valuing my time. 1000 chapters later, I would honestly say it never even got close to any of those marks. I am honestly quite shocked because I intended to be extra critical.

There's a reason this ...
Nov 24, 2023
Liar Game (Manga) add
It's one of THOSE mangas. Main character is "Can't we all get along and live in peace. Let's just be friends".

But in this case the naive main character is placed in what is known as "Liar Game" where deception is the name of the game, yet our main character is so wonderfully naive... well this is the perfect synopsis for a weak manga that gets lots of love because people like the main character, but everything is setup so she can win.

And flat out I'll say... our main character doesn't win. At least not in the way these things ...
Nov 5, 2023
Death Note (Manga) add
I really want to sit here and say "This is one of the best mangas that exist and you ABSOLUTELY should be reading it." It would be so easy to leave it there, and move on.

But I can't, I just simply can't. However Death Note starts off as one of the best mangas ever made. A big piece of it is that the manga breaks a lot of bounds. Instead of focusing on the backstory of a character, the main character gets a Death Note, a book that will let people write names in it that will kill ...
Oct 14, 2023
It's alright.

I have a bit of mixed feelings on the first Yu-Gi-Oh (Real mixed feelings not recommendations. I like the original series, the Duelist Kingdom City is a little rougher, and the final story was good. But I always felt like the original series was the strongest.

I wanted to see what happened next so I tried GX. What's interesting is GX is in the universe of the GX anime, but telling a different story. It appears everything in this manga is unique to the manga, and it's done well. The characters don't have enough development, as the manga ...
Oct 14, 2023
Gambling Apocalypses Kaiji is a rather solid Gambling manga, and honestly it's quite good with a couple caveats.

The main story is about a down on the luck guy named Kaiji who constantly takes gambles and fails quite often. Life has screwed him over, but at the same time, I feel like it's also mostly his fault for putting himself in those positions. However early on he's enticed by an offer to clear his debt, because of a big money game. I normally won't give away spoilers, but to understand Kaiji I feel like the first major arc needs to be explained. ...
Sep 25, 2023
Life Is Money (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I'm going to review this manga with a major assumption. If my assumption is correct, then my score would stand, if not. Well it'd be far worse off.

So let's get into it. I think Life Is Money was given a short window to end about 3-4 chapters.

But before we get to that let's talk about the positives, and for that it's due to an interesting premise about a game where players are just forced to live in a location for 10 days, with a small game each player has to play where they can be forced to lose one sense ...
Sep 17, 2023
Yu☆Gi☆Oh! (Manga) add
I feel like the only way to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh is to talk about the three major arcs in the series, as they are all different but they all show different facets of the work.

The first is the original series "Yu-Gi-Oh" In this we meet Yugi, his group of friends, and join him as he solves the Millennium Puzzle. What it is will be hinted at but mostly we learn about what's contained in the Millenium puzzle, a spirit who uses Yugi's body to extract revenge on various people.

The thing is this first series is my favorite but it's not "Yu-Gi-Oh" ...
Sep 16, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I could write a long piece on Kamisama no Iutoori, but... I think I can summarize it like this.

Take the Squid Game tv series, but make it all seem like alien or otherworldy entities have done it. Then play the killing games on a growing scale, rather than a shrinking one. Avoid giving any explination or any hint of what's really going on, and end it with a completely unsatisfying ending in the middle of the story.

Then reveal there's a second series coming.

Kamisama no Iutoori isn't a bad manga, and if someone told me they liked it, I would understand, in ...

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