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Mar 25, 2013
I was really looking forward to an anime adaptation of Robotics;Notes, the third visual novel written by Hayashi Naotaka-shi for the collaboration of 5pb. and Nitroplus, because previous two series came from it were really neat with ChäoS;HEAd being a rather promising start and Steins;Gate being just stellar. So no wonder I have a lot of things to tell now.

Robotics;Notes begins with our protagonists, Yashio Kaito and Senomiya Akiho, the only members of school’s robotics club, trying to save the said club from shutting down. And that’s a huge step down from Steins;Gate in terms of a story. I mean, Steins;Gate had university students as read more
Jan 3, 2013
Honestly, before watching Blood-C: The Last Dark I had no familiarity with the franchise. Sure, I saw a couple of episodes of Blood+ on TV, but that’s all, so the only reason for me to watch this film was that my friends invited me to a convention, and it was shown there. And this film turned out to be crap. I decided to write this review but delayed submitting it for two months before I finally got a chance to marathon the Blood-C television series to get a better grasp of the plot. And guess what, now I think that the film is even more read more
Mar 30, 2012
Roughly eight years have passed since the final episode of Last Exile. We all remember how it concluded: after defeating the antagonist and ending a war that was raging for eternity, good guys laid their hands on a sleeper ship and went to another world to live in peace and harmony. But what they actually arrived at turned out to be the twisted, corrupted world of unnecessary sequels.

Truly, Gonzo was having a tough time and needed a strong comeback that will allow it to stay in business, so they chose to milk one of their old successful and popular titles. Was it a wise decision? read more
Oct 2, 2011
After watching a couple of episodes of Dantalian no Shoka, I thought this series has a lot of potential as it is an anime with philosophic story-lines and fairy tale feeling in it. But even with more and more episodes coming out, Shoka couldn’t win my praise and sympathy for some reason; I still thought of it as a show with unopened potential. And now it is over. It could be good, but failed. And in my review I will try to understand why this happened.

So, the plot. Hugh Anthony Disward, the protagonist of the story, inherits a mansion from his suddenly deceased bibliophile grandfather. read more
Sep 15, 2011
Let me start with some back story and then the actual review will follow.

About four years ago two Japanese video game companies, Nitroplus and 5pb., started a collaboration to make the world a better place with some neat visual novels. The first project came out of it was ChäoS;HEAd with its scenario written by Hayashi Naotaka-shi, a guy who worked on Remember11 and Memories Off series, if this means anything to you. In general ChäoS;HEAd turned out to be rather average novel and it lost most of its good parts in its anime adaptation; however, ChäoS;HEAd still has enough impressive ideas and nice concepts to read more
Dec 24, 2010
When Togainu no Chi was announced, I was put before a tricky choice either to watch it or not. On the one hand, this anime is based on a visual novel created by Nitroplus, the company I mostly like. But on the other hand, it is BL. Well, I considered this issue carefully and finally thought: “Bah, I bore with relationship between von Lohengramm and Kircheis from Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so I have some ‘just do not give a thing’ skill. Let’s roll this party!” Yep, I decided to cross the border and take a light step to the dangerous territory of fujoshi. read more
Oct 24, 2010
Initially I wanted to review Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works disregarding the visual novel it was based on. But that is not wise, because Deen made an adaptation targeted at the fans of the original. If you haven’t read the novel, you probably won’t understand half of the things on screen. So in my review I’m assuming that you’re familiar with the source as I’ll keep in touch with it. Just be warned.

Fate is probably the most successful franchise created by Type-Moon, Japanese game company, and its author Nasu Kinoko-shi. For most people Fate/stay night anime acted as introduction to bizarre magical realm of Nasuverse, read more
Oct 7, 2010
K-On!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
So, K-ON! This musical band centred anime, which is not a *musical* comedy, has now finished its second round. What can I tell you about it, huh?

First of all, K-ON!! is still not about music. It drifted even more away from that direction, and I found that hardly surprising. This show is character-driven, therefore the setting doesn’t play first fiddle here. But that is a little disappointing, because I expected more insert songs, since the second season received twice the length of the first one and it was an awaited project. However, the featured music takes not by number, but by quality, with my favourite read more
Oct 3, 2010
Here they come again, the Pantsu Witches.

So, this is the anime about an alternative history world, which alternative historicity consists in the fact that nobody ever developed something like skirts or women’s trousers there. Alas, poor Scotsmen, they never got their trademark clothes. (Actually I know that it is not skirt but kilt, so don’t throw your bagpipes at me, please. I’m just playing on stereotypes here.)

And now seriously. The first season was pretty nice. So nice that Japanese Ministry of Culture considered it as one of the best anime shows of the year. With all that success and cliffhanger at the end of the read more
Sep 20, 2010
“Anime about zombie apocalypse? Awesome!” That’s what I thought when I heard about Highschool of the Dead. Indeed, the idea felt like a piece of tasty cake. If you watched Mr George Romero’s classic horror films, played first Biohazard games or something like that, you probably waited hard for this anime and now you got it.

I have mixed feelings here. Highschool is definitely enjoyable only when it is enjoyable. Action scenes are nice, thrilling and overall well done. Music is catchy and exciting. But when it comes to writing and character development… Just screw that. I mean, even the children from kindergarten can come up read more