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Sep 8, 2015
I have to say right off the bat: this is one of the few anime that made me laugh out loud. Not "type lol but actually sort of smirk a little" but actually laugh at the comedy, so loud that my neighbors probably think I'm crazy now.

Everything about this anime feels simple, but gives off this warm feeling of awesome. The art, with the two main characters drawn differently from the rest, the story with its small twists and turns through Japanese life, and the way it so casually plays with symbols of two major religions - all of this is simply bound to read more
Sep 8, 2009
Now, most people read these reviews in order to understand whether they want to watch the series or not: me, for example. Although, by some cruel mishap I haven't done it this time, faithfully trusting myself in the hands of the trusted name. And so the "Melancholy" notion is fully realized here.

And so, to everyone that lays their eyes upon this review, just don't wait for anything meaningful to happen until the 9h episode! Really, they won't add anything! Re-watching the same thing eight times is only good for memorizing their lines, which isn't really something most of us would do. So, you read more