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Sep 2, 2009
I dont know about you but i like short ang great reviews,so let me start by saying WATCH THIS! If your into action or comedy ot romance doeset matter because great stuff is universal (in this case at least). Am a fan of animes idubbed in englush but their are rarely good dubbed. The voice acting is unfortunately often bad.
This in the other hand is pretty well dubbed and i would recommend all none japaniese to watch this in English, and of course to watch rhis great anime. You will enjoy this i gurantee you. If you wanna know about other animes which are read more
May 4, 2009
Pretty good anime. Hope they will make more episodes. the characters here are pretty impressive as well. The only thing that sorta sucks here if you look away from the fact that its only 3 ovas is that the action sequences are short and their are not really alot of them. Hoped for more of them. Otherwise not bad. Would recommend ths for everybody. Great anime. Should be at least at the top 500 if you ask me.
Jan 20, 2009
This is defintely the best street fighter movie out there. The two other alpha and generations pretty much suck. This is the real deal along with the episodes. The two other movies just give street fighter a bad name. Like all ols school animes this is also dubbed very well. I peronally prefer dubbed but alot of the times they suck but this is actually really good dubbed sp check it out in english along with the series.
Oct 25, 2008
Really weird no one has written a review of this anime yet. Well anyway its actually a ok anime and its and old anime from 1991 if am not mistaken and as all animes fans know, old animes are usually good dubbed. Well anyway if you are little bored and want to watch a 4 ova anime take a look at this. Besides from a couple of sex scenes and heads splashing everywhere its an ok anime.
Check it out. Its good dubbed so do check it out dubbed. Just go to youtube and search for mad bull 34 and enjoy!
Jun 2, 2008
After seeing the baki episodes i wanted to try out this movie. Its not as good as the series but it still makes up if you want a little "shot" of baki. This was made before the episodes and sadly the spisodes did not finish beacuase of finacial problems. But If you løiked baki the grappler episodes chances are you will this one too. Defintely a must for baki fans!
Apr 20, 2008
THis is probably the best one of the three movies. Its story is a little better and the fighting scenes are alot better than the predessors. THe fatal fury fans will defintely enjoy this movie alot more than the two first;)
Apr 20, 2008
This is the second movie in the triliogy. THis is alot better than the first. There are some cool scenes here but you will eventually get a little bored watching this, but at least its better than the first. The fatal fury series should be watched in english. Its one of these animes that are actually ok in dubbed:)
Apr 20, 2008
Being someone who likes the personaøity of the characters from the game king of fighters i thought it would be cool to se an anime about them. I expected alot of fighting since its based on a fighting game. Guess again. THeir arent really that many fights and the figth scenes are really short. THe story could have been much better if they just took the time the present various scenes with other characters. If you are a fatal fury fan its ok to watch but their are better animes out there:)
Apr 20, 2008
Knowing this is the last movie i kind of was waiting for a an decent ending. When the movie ended i was kind of dissapointed. I was expecting to see more and just wondered what the hell will happen next. Oh right their is no next. Love when a anime ends with alot unanswered questions;) But if you have seen the first two i would defintely recommend seeing this one,just dont have your hopes up for a good ending.
Apr 20, 2008
Its a very dark and weird anime. This is the first one of the movies. Its where you see how he becomes devilman. Its not really that good of an anime but its ok to watch if your a little bored. You should have watched this one before seeing the next two movies because you see how hw gets to know his girlfriend. Defintely see this one if you want to see the sequels which have some good action scenes and a ok story;)