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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Jan 30, 8:22 PM
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Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari
Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari
Feb 20, 2018 3:38 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Oct 16, 2017 12:10 PM
Watching 1/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 4.0
Mean Score: 9.50
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  • Chapters344
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tretij Apr 25, 4:13 PM
no it ain't. also hi how have you been?
tretij Apr 25, 2:54 PM
moissi Mar 27, 2:39 AM
gas mask breaking bad dude asfdasf i'm crying

damn i don't even know. they're all cool. except maybe Six, i don't really care about him :')
and yeah, it is klaus! watch it watch it, it's so good :3
moissi Mar 26, 6:40 AM
i was stalking april schedule in crown royale. and you made a dark matter card! asdf
i love that show and pretty much no one i know has even heard of it, so nice to see someone else saw it :D
Lumecyow Mar 25, 4:12 AM
Oh no don't worry it's my fault I took too much time to realize haha ! But I sure like your style, I will keep an eye open for editions you are in ~
tretij Mar 24, 10:07 PM
oh darker is cool! i don't mind whatever you think is best.

i haven't even finished the series after spoiling myself pls im a fakey. also they ruined frank for me so i don't see any point of continuing it :/
i just watch playthroughs or my bf buys the games and plays them. i'm not that into gaming or rich enough to afford the games. i just like whenever other ppl complete em and shhhhh playthroughs.
oh i like z nation because it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's so fun to watch it whenever i'm bored.

50 minutes is alot if you're runnning on 1 braincell.

i haven't seen seal team what is it about? i'm not into military shows unless it has frank castle but that's cuz i'm gay.

get better taste in music. i like portugal the man a lot rn and my fave current fave by them is modern jesus.

also hi im on break now so yes.
Lumecyow Mar 22, 6:22 PM
Done, I posted then !
I'm glad I could request them thank you so much ♡
_Nagisa Mar 22, 8:58 AM
Sorry that I took such a long time to reply xD I got busy a bit
ohhh,,, a part-time requirement is just 1 ed per month???
oh and you used to open a layout request too xD I was like,,, wow,,, xD senpai sure got time for layouts
tretij Mar 21, 4:19 PM
tretij Mar 21, 4:18 PM
^p^ can you do this forum set request i made hehe:

*erases connor from the world* goodbye twink. i'm not even that into the punisher anymore pls. i'm into either far cry 5 or z nation now. get on my level of dumbassery.

i mean some games go longer and grow into big boy franchises so L.
i like the shows but there so long like 50 minutes and im losing braincells.

yeah! that's the show. watch some episodes. i recommend the episode "shut up and dance."
Lumecyow Mar 21, 4:16 PM
You're welcome !

Do you want me to post in the edition then, even if your post limit is passed ? I mean, if it's passed you won't look after your limit so :')
Lumecyow Mar 20, 11:30 AM
Hello !
Your layout is dope damn

Sorry if it's inappropriate, I missed the post limit for the Detroit: Become Human, and I was wondering if I can still ask for all ? ;; Sorry again if it's too much to ask, I just totally forgot to request before now ;;
tretij Mar 20, 10:29 AM
*shakes you* Nero isn't Asian. What are you smoking.

If I wanted an ex-military with ptsd then I'd go get railed by frank castle. This man brings me nothing but rage.
Agh I wanna play until dawn now because *looks at picture of the mc* yeah.

Also, yes! That's the black mirror! :o I rarely watch episodes unless I'm bored or with my boyfriend so it's like. It be like that.
I get boring stuff and it getting boring but you're talking to someone who had a special interest for 3-5 month s and it was about the same game so like. Argh!

^p^ Your profile would be better if *erases Connor off of it* Yeah now it's good!
Btw do you take requests for gfx? :o
tretij Mar 19, 7:21 AM
I can't take Nero seriously at all. He looks like the dude people always ship Elsa with. It's like 🚶🏻.

I can't relate at all. I try to at least finish shows I start.
I've been watching a lot of Black Mirror because episodic. ^p^
The art of what?
Who is this twink?
tretij Mar 19, 7:08 AM
He looks so emo with his hair like that.
Also DMC5 is so funny. Everyone looks so weird.
Dante is dying and he looks like the old guy from DBH. Hate that.

It's good. I need to finish it though.