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Apr 20, 2017
Since I did not see this talked about in the other reviews:

This is a very high grade battle anime.
The animation in the fight scenes is superb!
Only in a dedicated martial arts animation scene from a movie, or a dedicated, high budget martial arts series, are you going to see this kind of quality.

Absent are many cost saving measures of the genre, like reused animations,
or extreme closeups/motion-blur/pauses for exposition.
The framing makes it so that the moves that characters make are clearly visible, and so that the choreography can be seen clearly.

All this, as well as the excellent sound design, make the fight scenes very impactful, at ...
Jan 21, 2017
Mixed Feelings
5/10 - How the Mighty have fallen.

Since the reviews here are all extremely positive, and since I watched the last two seasons back to back, I'm gonna review them both.

First of all, for anyone who has not yet watched the series:
The first 2 seasons are amazing, and the third one (movie) is very good!
After that the quality drops quickly though.

Where in earlier seasons the anime revels in showing drifts, and mixing up closeups on the steering wheel and pedals with shots of drifting tires and the rear of the car coming very close to the guardrails, all while awesome eurobeat music is playing,
in the last ...

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