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Aug 9, 2016
Another (Manga) add (All reviews)
I'll keep this review short, do not fear.

The first thing I would like to say is that this novel is very clever, absolutely perfectly planned out, and its story is told very well.

Story: 10/10

This novel is one with a dark atmosphere, as it is about a chain of deaths which occur once Kouichi Sakakibara transfers into the school.

I became hooked as soon as I started reading it. Sure, the beginning may be slow at first, but as you progress deeper into the story, all of the pieces come to light and connect together beautifully. Everything is so well connected, as I said earlier, and read more
Apr 9, 2016
First of all, there are two short extra stories that have nothing to do with Beast Master, and I won't be talking about them.

This manga is quite short but it is enjoyable.

This boy and girl become friends, best friends, and then they fall in love.
The boy seems very scary but is actually nice.
Seems pretty generic, but the story is likeable, and not everything is what they seem to be.
The comedy is funny, too.


The story is good. It is about an animal-loving girl that animals seem to hate, and a strange boy whom all animals love. The boy seems really scary but is kind read more
Dec 12, 2015
I really enjoyed Oresama Teacher!

Story: 9/10

Mafuyu Kurosaki used to be a delinquent, and since she got into a fight with police included, she was expelled from her old school and her mother tells her that she will disown her if she gets into any more fights. Mafuyu starts her life as a regular high school girl! But one day she finds a man getting beaten up so she fights the people beating him up and the man turns out to be a teacher at her school - and he's her childhood friend and crush!

The story line is original and interesting, the development read more
Aug 5, 2015
Contains Slight Spoilers!!!

First of all, I'll start with the story.


At first I was interested in this anime but then ended up disliking it as the episodes got worse and worse.

Although the plot is pretty unique, it wasn't very clear, because the pacing was bad, to be honest. I mean, we know that the goal in the first part of Sword Art Online 1 is for Kirito and some other people to clear the game, but it's like for a few episodes in a row something would be happening, and in another few episodes in a row, something else would be happening. It was read more