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Aug 14, 2021
Imagine spending hours putting together a jigsaw puzzle only to find out that there is one missing piece in the end.

That is how I felt about this installment of the fate order franchise.

Back in March of 2021, after watching the first part in movie theatre, I anxiously waited for the second part to be released. Watched part two in movie theatre but I was left disappointed enough to write this review as I literally just left the theatre.

Don’t get me wrong, the art and sound score were excellent, however the ending to me had no conclusion. Not to spoil anything but the after end ...
May 11, 2021
I will never understand the reason why Sunrise continue to produce movies like this.

I also do not understand the reason why anyone who has seen the main series, will want to watch this movie also.

This movie is around two hours of different scenes from the main series, combine together to form a movie. First time viewers who has not seen the main series, will struggle to understand what is going on as there is no continuity throughout the movie or any explanation on the plot.

Those who has already watched the main series (which was good by the way), why would you want to waste your ...
May 9, 2021
Anyone whom has watched the original series and is thinking of watching this movie, let me save you the trouble.

Skip the first movie, watch the second movie onwards instead.

This review is only for the first of the three part movie. The other two movies were ok but this first movie was a total waste of time.

Mar 11, 2021
I spent $13 watching this in the movies this evening (March 11 2021). Minor spoilers in this review.

Anyone who has watched the main series Should know that the mc deals with yokais by returning them their names. This movie had none of that.

This two episodes felt like the mc is a side character whose presence makes no difference.

The first part was about a yokai whom was tasked to wake another yokai up from his slumber. Not much action or drama. Mc just ran around with the yokai looking for the other yokai’s location. This part was boring given that most of the main series already ...
Nov 5, 2020
This review contains spoilers.
Is Bofuri meant to be a parody of the Isekai or gaming genre?

Every single episode contains scenarios that Maple and her friends will encounter which she or her friends somehow will bullshit their way to solving the quest. Along the way, Maple will also pick up new skills and rare items effortlessly. She became sort of a celebrity in the game so I wonder why no other player would copy what she did by maxing out vitality so as to have the same God like status as Maple. No one not even the game’s moderator is able to doing anything about it.

Maple ...
Oct 19, 2020
Sometimes generic and cliché are good.

I went into watching Hachi nan tte, sore wa nai deshou expecting all the usual isekai cliché and I wasn’t disappointed. Knowing that it is generic is what made this series enjoyable for me.

There were 2 instances in the series that were memorable and one that really stood out for me (spoiler ahead).
The one that stood out for me was that the Shingo’s brother turned out to be the villain. Although there were early signs, I was pleasantly surprised that a generic isekai series did something not so generic. In my own opinion, i seldom will come across an anime ...
Oct 17, 2020
Azur Lane (Anime) add
Azur lane? More like Azur lame.

This series makes no sense.
Let me explain.
This series is supposed to be about aliens coming to conquer earth but instead we have the iron blood and Sakura empire at war with the Royal Navy and eagle union. So far I only see Sakura empire vs Royal Navy and eagle union. Iron blood is totally absent except for a few cameo. Alien evaders? What Alien evaders?

Ayanami should be branded a traitor. I mean she rather be with the enemy?
She rather not shoot at the enemy when they have no problem firing at her comrades? She enjoys her time as their ...
Oct 15, 2020
I have a confession, I secretly enjoy the CGDCT genre. This review contains spoilers.
When I came to know of this series, I was expecting something decent, given that studio Doga Kobo’s previous production included Monthly Girl’s Nozaki Kun and Himouto Umaru Chan. I even would have accepted if this series was generic as frankly in my opinion, those who are into CGDCT expects a certain degree of genericity.
However, I can’t quite seems to define Koisuru Asteriod. Is it generic? Is it decent? Is it bad? let me explain.
There are other CGDCT series such as Yuru Camp which introduce viewers to camping. That was a great ...
Oct 9, 2020
Pet (Anime) add
Do not be fooled by all the high scores reviews on here.

Let me explain, PET is a confusing mess that tries to pass off as a psychological triller.
After watching all 13 episodes, I am left puzzled. Here are the questions I had.

Who are the good guys, who are the bad guys?
The series just had characters show up without explaining who they are.
Characters such as Mei Ling are not explained what her power is.
One episode they may seem to be good, the next episode seem to be bad (Tsukasa and Katsuragi).
It’s confusing because we do not even know who the main character is/are. What is the ...
Jun 16, 2020
Marmalade Boy (Anime) add
Granted it’s anime, but who came out with such a degenerate plot?
From swinging parents to teacher, student relationship to parents allowing teenage step siblings having relationship?

No joke, even the side characters are swapping love interest like it’s going out of style. Let me save you the trouble of having to go through 76 boring episodes by giving you the synopsis of every episode, the two mc will always have some sort of misunderstanding in every episode. I literally dosed off a couple of times for a couple of episodes because it’s so predictable.

This series is boring, mc is annoying and the plot is ridiculous at ...

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