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Mar 31, 2012
STORY: A pretty original story, if I say so myself. Most sports anime that I've seen focus on a newbie that ends up being great at the sport they play - with little to no training beforehand, or at least no real training. This was a bit different in that the main character started training to play the game when he was a toddler. I can't say much more about the main guy's background without spoiling things. In short, Prince of Tennis about a kid named Echizen Ryoma who enrolls in Seishun Gakuen and joins the tennis club regulars to improve his tennis skills - read more
Feb 1, 2012
This review is based completely on the English dub of the anime. I have not played the game or read the manga.

STORY: The name of the anime doesn't really fit it's story. The name means Tokyo Wizard Academy, but it doesn't really have anything to do with what most people describe as wizards. Instead, we've got demons and ogres. However, the main cast also has some supernatural powers - which could very well be why the series has the name that it does. Anyway, the story starts out with mysterious deaths involving the "Reborn Dead" (referred to as "Living Dead" in the dub) occurring in read more
Jan 25, 2012
Eyeshield 21, so far, has been the only sports-related anime that I've actually been able to finish - yet, at the same time, it's the longest. In fact, it's the only anime with 100+ episodes that I've actually been able to complete.

How does a girl get through a 145-episode-long anime series about a sport she pretty much hates? Simple, she doesn't. At the time, I was a fan of stuff like Katekyo Hitman Reborn - and when I saw people point out similarities, I gave Eyeshield 21 a shot...a real one. With the first few episodes, I fell in love with the series - and read more
Jan 24, 2012
While I was watching Dance in the Vampire Bund, I did look at the reviews to see if I should bother trying to finish the series - it was a mix of good and bad, so I gave it a shot. Honestly, I was expecting worse. It's in no way my favorite vampire anime, but it's definitely better some of them. This review was based entirely on the english dub.

STORY: It started off great. The concept was amazing, in my opinion. I've never seen vampires willingly reveal themselves into human society, and tell them that they plan to form their own nation within their country. read more
Jan 23, 2012
What can I say about this without being too harsh or too nice.

I'll be honest here. I only watched this because I was intrigued by the idea of Setsuna being the reincarnation of Alexiel, but that seems to be where it ends for me.

STORY: The story isn't bad by any means, but I did do a bit of research before and after watching the anime and they left a lot out. It ends with a cliffhanger, which could be good since it allows the viewer to choose what happens to Setsuna in the end. However, I was pretty confused while watching. I'll give them props read more
Jan 19, 2012
Hardly any storyline. It's just a brother and sister having sex. One episode and they've had sex twice, already. I started watching the second episode of this series, and where I left off - they were about to "do it" again. Unless you like flat-out hentai, avoid this. If you haven't yet, just watch the prequel - it has more of a story than Yume no Naka, although barely.

I might have liked it more if there was more to the relationship than Sora lusting after his hot older sister with big breasts, because that's really all it is.

The only redeeming quality are the seiyuus, and read more
Jan 19, 2012
I'll make this short and sweet. Take out the fan service, and you've got a great anime. Take out Rei, too, for that matter - or put Hisashi back in. The creator of this series does hentai, too, just as a warning - there's not much nudity in this, except for the episode where the girls bathe, but that was in the manga too.

However, here's my take on this. Watch the anime before reading the manga. The anime skipped some chapters and rearranged them, as well. The manga is much better than the anime, and has less fan service - so if you don't like read more
Jan 19, 2012
I'll be honest here, I was a little girl when I read this series - but I can still remember it very clearly. Psychic twins who try to keep their classmates - or peers, in general, including faculty - from knowing their secret? I still haven't seen or read an anime/manga with a storyline like that - feel free to point one out to me.

The story is a good one. When I was reading it, I couldn't get enough. You won't believe how much money I spent on the volumes when Tokyopop was still releasing manga. In fact, I believe they're still laying around somewhere read more