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Jan 9, 2014
Yotsuba to! (Manga) add
Preliminary (48/? chp)
Yotsuba&!(Or Yotsubato!) is a relaxing manga. It doesn't have any crazy plotlines or stories, it's just very simple, cute, and silly. Plus, it's the sort of manga you can kind of jump in at any time, in any chapters, you don't really have to stress about reading it from beginning to end(Although, I'd still recommend reading it in order, it's just, if you happen to find, say, volume 5 at the library or book store, but not the first ones, you wouldn't have to get all freaked out about that). The character designs are original but not overwhelming. I'd recommend it to really anybody, especially ...
Apr 5, 2013
"Little Witch Academia" is simply wonderful. It is a short, heart-warming "if you believe in yourself, you can do anything" sort of story. The art style is very creative and original, and the animation is very good and feels lively. The characters are memorable, the designs are memorable, and the music that goes with it is great. The main thing about this that sucks is that, once it's over, it leaves you wanting more! It really deserves to have it's own series, or atleast a full length movie. Overall, it is DEFINITELY worth watching, no matter what genre you mainly focus on, as long as ...
May 9, 2012
This is another nostalgia inducing movie. The good old days of Pokemon before it started going through extreme changes. It has many old favorites, many legendary Pokemon, and good villains. I cannot remember it in extreme detail, but, if you haven't watched this Pokemon movie yet, I highly recommend it. It is pure enjoyment and overall will likely just make you feel good. If you are highly critical or dislike childish things, maybe this isn't for you, but if you just like to sit back and relax at something without a horribly complex plot, this is really good for that. Thanks for reading.
Mar 31, 2012
Mixed Feelings
While "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu" was an okay anime, it was much too over-rated. Maybe the second season will make it more interesting, but for the first season atleast, it was pretty much a "Haha, laugh at that joke and hear that somewhat interesting thing" type anime. The ending didn't really feel like an ending. The characters were cool, but nothing that memorable. An over-the-top tsundere, a normal school boy, a bishie-ish boy, a kuudere, and a shy girl who always gets into perverted situations. To be honest, none of the characters personalities were original. They were well played in certain ways, but not original. ...
Mar 24, 2012
Black Rock Shooter OVA was a terrible anime. Good character designs, okay story, but so many plot holes, and after leaving us waiting for Black Rock Shooter for almost a year, it was a huge disappointment. But, Black Rock Shooter TV version was perfect, and definitely is what should have been expected for an anime that made us wait so long. The character development was better, plot holes were filled, there were shocking moments, touching moments, and it was all around better. Even if you hated the Black Rock Shooter OVA, I recommend you give Black Rock Shooter TV a try. Thanks for reading.
Mar 5, 2012
Pokemon is extremely nostalgic for me, and, this was a really good Pokemon movie. I've attempted to watch some of the newer Pokemon movies, and, while they were okay, they just weren't as good as the old Pokemon. If you enjoy the more nostalgic days of Pokemon, I strongly recommend this movie. It's got a good plot, fun, and is strongly entertaining, even though it's made for kind of a younger kid age group. But, with that, if you have young relatives you want to introduce anime to but don't want to show them the less child friendly ones, this is also a good ...
Feb 8, 2012
The first episode was honestly a disgrace. It made the whole anime seem like a mindless fanservice anime. Although, continue watching. Each episode, it gets better. The ending episode, and the episode before that, are extremely awesome. Any Higurashi fan should watch this, even with the horrible first episode. The animation quality is high, and the sound quality is too. The opening theme song is a little odd, considering the other three openings were much darker, but, it's sort of a nice change of pace. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira!
Jan 6, 2012
Bakuman. (Anime) add
Bakuman is a very original series. It was written by the author and illustrated by the illustrator of Death Note, another very original series. What do I have to say about the anime adaption? It's great. From what I have seen, it is much better than the Death Note adaption, and, it is pretty close to the greatness of the original manga. The characters are all very interesting, and, their voices are very fitting. They have some really original characters, like Eiji and Hiramaru, who both have original personalities and designs. The anime copies Obata's artstyle amazingly well, and, the animation quality itself is very ...
Jan 6, 2012
(Manga) add
It says it's a sequel, but it's honestly pretty short for a sequel. Anyways, the first three chapters are about different couples or friendships, and then, the last chapter is what actually follows what the description says(Well, the others are affected by it, but, not very much, except for maybe chapter 3). The last chapter felt kind of boring and not that exciting, but, it was still okay. I really did like the first three chapters, especially the third one. The third one was really cute. The ending felt a like it could have been a lot better, but I will not spoil why. You ...
Dec 15, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Togainu no Chi is an anime that had a lot of potential, but... ultimately failed. There was one thing I liked, which was the characters. But, in order to love an anime truly, you must like both the characters AND the story. The story was... honestly, barely there, with a disappointing ending. The game is apparently quiet popular, which is sad, since the anime turned out so horrid. The plot was great, but they didn't use it for the great-ness it could have been. The art style was good, though. Although, I did enjoy the theme music, but something about the ending themes always felt ...

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