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Aug 17, 2013
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, an anime that's been on my "To Watch" list for god knows how long. Finally had the time to watch this and never thought I'd be this hooked and laughed my butt off. Whoa, but you're not here for me right?
-If you're looking for a harem, you might not like it, I certainly was disappointed if this is meant to be a harem.
-If you're looking for a comedy, you're in luck, my bak- I mean friend.
Baka to Test actually blew me away with its interesting plot, I actually thought read more
Jun 6, 2013
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! An adaption of a visual novel by Minato-Soft. Plot sets in a "battle academy" school, Kawakami Academy. Naoe Yamato, our protagonist, a smart strategist and a popular guy with the girls in his class. Though this anime is extremely short to cover its game which takes over 50 hours to beat a route. It covered some of the core ideas: Harem situation and the various main battles between 2-F and 2-S.

Story is a 10. It's very unique and interesting. It's score as a visual novel is around 8. A really enjoyable visual novel. I was surprised the power read more
Jun 6, 2013
To LOVE-ru is not for everyone since this is one of the most ecchi anime in the ecchi world. It consistently have scenes which involves a blob of shadow blocking your view due the censorship.

So the story deserves a 8, since it's pretty good but not very meaningful in terms of actual plot like most other love/romance harems. But who cares, because everybody that watches to LOVE-ru is there for the ecchi scenes.

Art is a perfect 10. They improves a lot compared to the first season. The linings of characters and the environment is just overall better than previous to read more
Jun 4, 2013
Date a Live(Dead or Alive) is a parody series of mecha series. It is focused on a protagonist, Itsuka Shidou, as he race against time to save cute spirits invading the Earth by dating them. A really unique comdy, harem, love comedy in my opinion.

The story is a 10. Again, there aren't anything else out there like Date a Live. There were things in the anime I didn't expect to happen and I don't mean it in a bad way.

The art is a 10. It really depends what you're used to watching in order to calculate the art score right. To me, this anime read more