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Dec 27, 2008
Could have been much better, but it is held back by poor directing and ends up being a comparatively subpar sequel to the original brilliant series. Still pretty decent.

One wonders what could have been with more consistent directing. The story is paced rather slow, and sometimes one gets the impression that this is more a "Life of Chiaki and Nodame in Paris" slice-of-life than an actual story about their obstacles and maturing of character. Indeed, it seems that JC Staff couldn't decide whether to make the anime around the plot or just showcase their daily lives.
And what was with that ultra-rushed ending?

Simple, clean, flawless, functional ...
Aug 6, 2008
This is pure therapeutic bliss. Literally.

The story is simple and in execution turns out great. Taking into account the fact that this is a slice-of-life, the pacing is so wonderfully planned out, and the episodic stories so well-rounded in themselves, that one should never find oneself bored out of his wits from exploring the wonderful place that is Neo-Venezia.
And that is a real feat.

Oh god the background is beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
And accurate (mostly) too, as some guy from Lonely Planet frequenting Animesuki and going on a (mostly business) trip to Venice found out.
Decent effort was also made for the characters. Only 1 obvious QUALITY ...
Jul 23, 2008
Let's dive right into this.

Compared to the usual stuff from the series, this episode is more relevant to the characters themselves, namely Alicia and Akari, and reveals that Alicia does have her weaknesses (who'd have guessed).
It also hints at what is to eventually come.
For a 30-minute OVA I had the impression it was longer. Not that it's bad - moar Aria is never bad - in fact, it only made the enjoyable experience longer.

The background, CG and animation were just about perfect, but I can't bring myself to like the different drawing style of the character's faces compared to the TV series. The cheeks are ...
Jul 15, 2008
I sometimes get depressed about my life being nowhere as enjoyable as any of the characters in this show.
Oh well.

Life of Akari and friends as they discover Neo-Venezia. Meh.
The one thing I noticed is that for a place which has seasons twice as long, and for a pace which goes like an old woman on stilts (not that I'm complaining), the seasons go by awfully fast. Plus the characters don't seem to grow much, especially considering they're in the latter puberty stages.
Still, that's a minor flaw if you consider the episodic nature of things this is meant to be taken as, and each episode's story ...
Jul 15, 2008
Clannad (Anime) add
I swear, it's criminal how CLANNAD has been shortchanged so horribly by the polarity of the opinions of the people who watched it. For good or bad.

The premise is less than ordinary, though understandable, considering this started out as a visual novel (read: harem). KyoAni has done a decent job on adapting the game paths into one coherent story, but there are a couple of significant errors.
1. Fuuko path. Dragged wayyyy long. The BAW atmosphere was beautiful, but when you try and stretch it over 7 episodes (and sacrificing the time for the other characters' arcs) it becomes a chore. It becomes worse when you're ...
Jul 13, 2008
Kanokon (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/12 eps)
Kanokon: Piercing the Heavens of Fanservice.
Says it all really.

Is a hackjob. Shota attracts animals spirits and makes all the girls reveal their skin to the audience in various ways. Hurr.
Marks for going farther in terms of (lewd) action than any other fanservice (or even some hentai) anime though.

You have to give credit to Kanokon - the animation and production is great. Every curve is well-proportioned, every line is drawn nicely, every oily glean off the skin polished to perfection. Adds to the realism of the fanservice, which is always welcome to, ahem, fans of this genre.

Jul 13, 2008
Almost every single S & W review here (and 80% of all the reviews in MAL for that matter) is a lesson on how to make anime enthusiasts rage.
Seriously. A 10 isn't something you throw at every single category you think an anime did well at. And mediocre is not a 9 either.

Refreshing, at least. How often do we come across a nice slow story about economics and a cunning wolf-girl?
If it was me I'd have put it at least as part-Slice-of-Life, but apparently it wasn't planned as such, so I'd have to give it a mark-down for the rather slow pace .(slice of life, ...
Jul 13, 2008
Ah, all the nostalgia is coming back. Good times, good times.

This being a one-episode DVD special, one would think story would be complete filler. But then, this is a slice-of-life show, where things are episodic, and very few plotlines actually last.
Anyhow there isn't much to write about here without giving things away. Suffice to say it's about Akari's secret place.

Worthy of a DVD special. Animation is top notch, the background is as usual gorgeous, detailed and extremely accurate when compared to the real-life counterpart, and there are no errors as far as I've seen.

Exemplary, just like the rest of the Aria series. Every BGM piece ...
Jul 13, 2008
Bamboo Blade (Anime) add
I'd be all personal about it and say it's DA BEST THING EVARRR!!!! and give it a 10 across the board like a typical MAL fa...uh, not-so-objective member. But then I'm simply not that type.

Pretty simple premise: guy in charge of the club looks to make a group of kendo chicks to compete with his ex-kendo mate's team, so that he can have a shot at his buddy's promised reward: free food for a year.
Not terribly exciting, and the way the teacher just manages to put together a team of skilled kendo experts screams plot device. Plus the couple of filler episodes distract from the ...