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Feb 19, 2017
While it's aesthetic gives the impression of a mystery thriller series, as much as it is that, the Big O is also a mecha series of the monster-of-the-week variety. Roger Smith, the main character is a 'negotiator' whose negotiations inexplicably end in giant robot battles, in a world where no one's memories of 40 years ago exist. One would have thought that written media and records would make it infinitely clear what had happened even if you lost all your memories, but the less thought you put into that issue, the better.

The series is obviously influenced by Batman. Roger Smith plays the part of read more
Oct 8, 2016
Battery (Anime) add (All reviews)
Do you remember anything about your teenage years? Surely it was a bleak age where nothing exciting happened, everyone you knew was dull and thick as two short planks, and mood swings caused you to fall out with everyone over trifling matters. Wait, hang on a minute. You're telling me you actually enjoyed school and had some good friends? You're telling me that you had hobbies and enjoyed your free time? That puberty wasn't actually all that bad?

Battery, airing on the mainstream-oriented Noitamina block, advertises itself as a thoughtful reflection on youth and adolescence, but in reality it's the most mindless slice-of-life ever conceived. Takumi, read more
Apr 1, 2016
Dimension W was billed as one of this season's shows with the potential to really appeal to a western audience. On the surface it does share some of the elements that tend to get a bit more attention from action-starved overseas fans. A cyberpunk setting, a sci-fi thriller plotline, and a no-nonsense masculine lead in Mabuchi Kyouma. The latter is a near-future Luddite. Dimension W is set in a world where everything is powered by devices called 'coils' which tap into a hypothetical fourth dimension for unlimited energy. Kyouma despises the contraptions, symbolically driving a gasoline-fuelled car when the rest of the population has switched read more
Mar 28, 2016
**Potential spoilers for obvious plot points**

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi feels like a show quite deliberately crafted for a mainstream audience. It has a relatively reserved young adult male protagonist and a mostly relatable extended cast of characters with good voice performances backing them up. While it emulates elements of the manga's harsh, angsty artstyle, it chooses subdued colours and realistic motion to create a down-to-earth atmosphere, making it an easy show to simply relax and take in. Another interesting aspect is its use of a much wider aspect ratio in the scenes taking place in 1988, giving the scenes a cinematic feel that distinguishes read more
Dec 20, 2015
After watching One Punch Man I'm eager to read the manga, so the anime's done its job in making me a fan of this story. This anime is directly adapted from a manga which is in turn an elaborated adaptation of a, err, uniquely-drawn webcomic by ONE. The hero Saitama is the most overpowered being on his fictional planet, to the extent any foe who stands in his way gets eviscerated by a single punch from his red-gloved fist. He also refers to himself as a 'hero for fun', an apt phrase in this silly universe.

One Punch Man's universe crosses the over-the-top fun of action read more
Dec 19, 2015
The accusation of being 'pretentious' has been lobbed at Subete ga F ni Naru quite often. This is unfair, considering the author actually worked as a researcher for quite a while. The integration of maths and computer science elements into the story is basic (in concession to the audience) but does bring a unique flavour into what would otherwise be a standard locked room mystery. The story starts off slowly, setting up the characters and story with dry factual dialogue, but as events unfold, more elements are added to the mystery and the relationship between Moe and Souhei becomes more fleshed out, leading to some read more
Dec 9, 2015
This show's great. I don't often watch something this meaningful. Since Honey and Clover's story spans long time periods, sometimes it feels that you're not sampling enough of its character's daily lives to fully appreciate them. In exchange for this, you witness so much growth that you gain an understanding of their lives as well as their personalities. After all, this show is, at it's core, about the chronology of life, and the meaning of time that can seem wasted. It's also a show with unique character; an understated artstyle, the use of soft colours, the frequent use of insert songs, and its brash, exaggerated read more
Oct 17, 2015
Gangsta has an inconclusive cliffhanger ending and will probably never receive a sequel. I think those are the two most important facts about this series. After all, the only thing that can occur when adapting a grim and violent manga is censorship for TV and omission of plot details, so why would you bother? Judged by its own merits, this is a fairly odd series. It's heavily focussed on world-building, establishing just what Ergastulum is and how each character fits into its societal fabric. Much of the key plot points and reveals are simply key facts about the world that you might usually expect to read more
Oct 17, 2015
I daren't write too much as the bottom line is this is a fairly gimmicky and unremarkable slice-of-life show. It's certainly not the first anime to try and contrast cute girls and horror. It might be the first zombie apocalypse slice-of-life show, though I wouldn't quote me on that. The first episode has a predictable bait-and-switch setup. It initially seems like a cutesy slice-of-life comedy where four young girls do fun things as part of the school life club, but it's revealed that the fun atmosphere is all part of the main character, Takeya Yuki's, delusion, and most of the club's activities are for survival read more
Oct 17, 2015
I think ancient warfare ranks alongside football right at the top of the list of things that bore me to death, so I didn't begin this series with the highest of expectations. Having the source material being shonen doesn't help either. Although the show does depict atrocities you might imagine from this setting, the presentation is bland and sanitised. Furthermore, with army commanders depicted not simply as leaders but practically gods with superhuman strength and fighting ability, this isn't merely a fantasy with strong military themes, but a teen fantasy with all the potentially fun parts of the subject matter (see Game of Thrones) cut read more