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Nov 29, 2015
solid comedy with an amazing level of back story and good steady character development. This show balanced comedy with serious moral questions and a little drama in a very smooth way, not many shows do that well, most stick to being primarily one thing or another, like a comedy where they might have a serious episode or story arc over a couple episodes but sticks to comedy the rest of the time, very few writers have the skill to mix and balance a serious overall plot with a show that has episodic short sub plots and a gag comedy front. The devil is a part read more
Oct 2, 2015
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is not a great tale of romance, it is not a fantastic slice of life, it isn't a harem comedy, it's not an amazing unique or innovative series.

It IS a good series though.

What Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun brings to the table is a solid bit of comedy in a scenario that surprisingly HASN'T been done to death. Specifically, single girl has crush on a guy, no other love interests on either side are getting in the way, and a combination of shyness on her part, and obliviousness on his part, combined with mutual miscommunications is the groundwork that the show builds on.
And read more
Aug 19, 2012
Quick and dirty review time!

Really, they tote this as a Cthulhu Mythos based anime, but the only connection to the mythos I know is a couple names of ancient psychic outer god alien beings slapped onto teenager characters who are some kind of space cop aliens living on earth, thats about it. Beyond that, a handful of references and a couple gags relating to the dice and paper RPG are all that tie this into the mythos at all. It's funny, kind of twisted, but overall nothing special, yet another cute romantic comedy with a harem theme based around a normal everyday teenage boy who read more
Aug 19, 2012
This anime may seem like just another gross gag anime with fan service slapped on to draw in the soft core fanboys, but looking at it again, wow. This really does take an interesting look at fetishes and abnormal sexual psychology, while the humor is great and can be enjoyed on a no brainer level by all, the real treat is the insight into perversions and the subculture surrounding them. Sadly it's all a bit rushed and crammed together being a short series, lightly touching on as many different fetish subjects as it can in the time given. Going to a light covering of a read more
Feb 15, 2012
Unlike most reviewers I saw so far, I came for the tits, and stayed for the story. eechii can be found all over the place, and much of it with excellent art, but it's a rare gem I found in this title, it was actually a fairly engaging plot, well developed characters, and overall, it turned out to be a good show. The jiggling, reminiscent of classics such as Burnup and plastic little. (which if you were a fan who collected DVD's back then like me, you will recall actually had jiggle counters on the special features in the ADV releases)
Well, all I can say read more
Aug 7, 2011
The picture should be a dead giveaway of what you're getting yourself into: bunny ears, nurse outfits, and lots of pink. It's fanservice and jokes, their was never any depth intended, and anyone taking this show seriously is a fool.

Nurse Witch Komugi is a parody-laden romp laced with sight gags, slapstick and sheer randomness. And like Excel Saga it works pretty well. References to other anime are frequent and often hilarious, and Komugi makes an over-excitable but likeable lead character. The series is pretty much made up of stand-alone stories, with Komugi having to face a different problem in each episode, which read more
Feb 18, 2010
Its hentai, and dark violent hentai at that.
The opening scene pretty much sets the tone, demon rapes school girl, she is "wrong" or somehow not powerfull enough of a host for his "seed" and her womb explodes upon climax and paints the walls of the bedroom this rape takes place in, personally, not my thing, but if you like gore, tentacle rape, and hideous monsters violating tender young women, then this is your show.
Feb 18, 2010
A well made parody anime mocking its fellows from years before, it takes a well thought out and wicked jab at genres like the simpleminded heroine, evil organizations and small task forces dedicated to fighting them in place of the normal police, super human and mecha anime, drunken but heart of gold head of staff, a department full of misfits, all of them steryotypes that get a good ribbing out of this show.
They break the 4th wall and make a mockery of advertisement and product placement in such a blatant way, that its actually effective!
Its definitely light hearted, and basic story line, several more in read more
Aug 20, 2009
A story about a fairly timid boy who gets involved with otaku society through a school club.
Really, there have been few shows or movies about Otaku, and many are of the style showing otaku-ism as a dark thing one must overcome to rejoin society, often ending with the main character getting a girlfriend who leads him away from that seedy realm of obsession This seems to be on the lighter side of things, instead we find a boy who has an interest in anime and games (and hentai) but has rarely expressed himself due to a lack of friends with outspoken interests on par.
He joins read more