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Oct 17, 2019
Interviews with Monster Girls is like a cuter version of Assassination Classroom.

The plot is focused around a teacher and his interactions with his three demi students and demi coworker. Demi's are a term used to describe human-like creatures like vampires, succubi and dullahans. It's fairly slice of life, with fairly regular high school events happening, with a bit of deeper thought on the demis sprinkled in here and there. If you look at it thematically, it's really just a story talking about fitting in to society even if you're different and about embracing what makes you similar yet unique from others. It's nothing ever too read more
Oct 16, 2019
I'm not sure exactly what I expected when I decided to read Kids on the Slope. My only experiences with music in manga were Your Lie in April, which is a beautiful story about expressing oneself in music partnered alongside a story of redemption and hope, and Kono Oto Tomare, a more sports-like manga about appreciating music and playing in competitions. But Kids on the Slope was like neither of these two: it is a tumultuous character drama about friendship and love, with emotions swaying erratically back and forth like the jazz the characters love so much.

If I were to find a comparison to another read more
Oct 12, 2019
Nisekoi (Manga) add (All reviews)
Can you honestly ever make a strong argument for a harem manga? Nisekoi is one of my favorite harem manga both objectively and subjectively, but how can you tell it apart from every other harem out there?

Nisekoi is a romcom harem manga with the catch that the MC Raku, the son of the yakuza boss, has to pretend to date the daughter of the mafia in order to keep the two groups from fighting. Along the way, other girls pop into the circle and all end up falling in love with Raku. The manga is generally very slice of life, with many chapters just representing read more
Oct 10, 2019
To Love-Ru Darkness improves upon a lot of the things that were wrong in the original series, though that isn't too hard to do honestly.

Assuming you have already read the prequel, this manga is a continuation of the story, but it features something new and exciting: a plot. The first 2/3rds of it is focused more on the history behind Golden Darkness and her managing to change who she was fated to be. It was a great breath of fresh air for those coming off of the original series because it made it into a series you could kind of take seriously. The later third read more
Oct 10, 2019
A wise man once said of this manga, "How is this so popular? Is it the nipples?" and he was completely right.

After going through like 6 different harem series to get a full idea of what the genre has in store I finally ended up on To Love-Ru. The plot is as simple as it it gets: alien comes from outer space and says she is going to marry the MC, but the MC already has a childhood crush and every girl they meet ends up falling in love with him. From there it's just random series of events where the MC ends up fondling read more
Oct 10, 2019
I'm really not sure whether to be happy or sad reading this manga...

Living with My Brother's Wife is a story about two women who live together after the death of their brother/husband. It's a slice of life manga where the two just go about their normal lives at school/work, and come together at night at their home. The manga has a sort of stilted mood to it, acting happy on the outside but having an air of sadness behind it. The mood mirrors the characters and how they feel, and it makes for an uncomfortable, yet refreshing feel.

The two main characters and their struggles are read more
Oct 8, 2019
Vagabond is a story that really wants to be deep and interesting, but doesn't do nearly enough to earn it.

The plot follows some wandering samurai trying to be the strongest in the land, fighting harder and harder opponents, winning, losing, learning what the way of the sword means... until it isn't. Then it switches to another guy who does the same things, and then over to another guy who is a failure at everything that he does... and like all of this happens without any real indication so you don't have a good idea of when things are going on since it'll go from past read more
Oct 3, 2019
GTO (Manga) add (All reviews)
GTO is a manga where the story matches the main character to a tee: it's not the most pretty or sophisticated, it's crass and not always the most well put together, but it has a heart of gold.

GTO follows the story of Onizuka, an ex-biker gang member that wants to become a teacher solely for the sake of snagging some high school girl. Yet as he goes along in his career, he ends up becoming a role model and teacher who really looks out for his student's well-beings, not just their grades. He represents a radical shift from most of the other teachers we see read more
Sep 24, 2019
March Comes In Like a Lion has skyrocketed into my top 10 list of anime and manga at blinding speeds. There is so much about it to talk about because it is a story that encompasses so much.

I have a hard time trying to explain to people what the plot is about. Yes, it is a story of a young shogi player that lives off of the earnings of his matches, but it is so much more. On one hand it is about the lives of professional shogi players everywhere and all the mentality, personality and back story that has built up each of them read more
Sep 24, 2019
Seikotai Yakuindomo (SYD) is almost a one trick pony by all standards of the phrase. By that I mean that if you enjoy what you see in the first two or three chapters then you'll probably like the entire thing, and if you don't then you won't. It's hard to find a manga that stays so static for so long, but SYD does it somehow. And yet, I actually found myself enjoying it more and more as it went on, especially past chapter like 200 or 300.

There is almost no plot to be talked about whatsoever. It's a slice of life 4-koma gag manga about read more