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Jan 16, 2008
This anime should be watched expecting nothing at all, it may not be developed as other series and it seems like if the budget was really limited but keeping all those issues aside, it’s a really interesting anime to watch.

It doesn’t compare to the actual manga, but the chapters selected for the anime are the more interesting. Though there are two main characters, count D (do not mistake him for Dracula) and detective Leon Orcot (those two have a really funny love/hate relationship), the real characters are those involved with the story of each episode.

Each episode has a different story line, they may be short read more
Jan 16, 2008
I think everyone who has saw this anime would come to the same conclusion, it is a masterpiece.

It has all the Shakespearian package (friendship, love, treason and death), perfectly combined. The way the story is told immediately gets you onto the medieval, kind of magical world, all the characters are deep and well developed and you can’t help to identify yourself with any of the characters or their ideals.

The only flaw that I could see in this anime would be that for some animated scenes, it often uses the old water painting technique (static image to show a scene and the camera would just read more