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Jan 18, 2018
Right.. where do I start? Firstly, I am not used to Chinese anime, they lack some depth to some of their plots, at times too over dramatic and not giving a strong backbone for their story. But that aside, let's talk about this.. anime.


I am not too pleased with 11 minutes per episode for an anime which honestly had a lot of potential instead of rushing through the series. Is this a series..? I don't even know because the ending left me with an uncomfortable, dissatisfied and distasteful cliff hanger which felt more of a discontinuation rather than ending it with either a happy read more
Aug 30, 2015
If you feel like watching something short with lots of handsome guys playing music and losing their tops, this is your anime. Fairly enjoyable overall though I wished they added more songs and character movements during their performances, it tends to get extremely boring when each episode shows them moving and singing to the same thing over and over.

Characters are hands down original and amazing. Ryoma is just.. so lovable and silly. Each character had their styles which made this series worth watching.

The ending however got me a little confused, the American dude appearing? Was there going to be a Season 2? Or was read more
Jul 31, 2015
This was a masterpiece, simply put.. lol

The first episode left me gleefully giggling from one end to the other; the moment you see pretty boys transforming in fluffy frilly costumes with magical powers, sparkles and hearts, yes.. I just couldn't stop laughing.

12 Episodes was just perfect. A second season wouldn't be needed, each episode was put in flawlessly. This is not your typical mahou shoujo anime. Mahou shounen? It has a few cute fluffy moments with very minor shounen ai, but nothing intimate. Simply enjoyable.

It teaches quite a lot of morale values. Friendship, forgiveness etc, the whole package. So this is definitely something you read more
Jul 27, 2015
Before I start, I am reviewing this personally as the anime itself, with no comparison to it's former adaption whatsoever; Light Novel etc

I actually had this on hold for a short moment before freeing up some time to watch it, not a fan of extreme fan service or ecchi in every episode, assuming it had a lot of unneeded content.

The beginning started off simple with Vorn appearing immediately then seemingly looking like the typical useless Hero playing cool and trying to aim an arrow at a War Maiden, who obviously destroys the arrow. That's how they met, she wanted him as her "slave/prisoner".

Skip the boring read more
Jul 24, 2015
Personally, I was a bit on the edge when watching the trailers. The first couple of episodes really put me off as I am a big fan of the older series and manga, a remake was music to my ears.

The artwork takes a load of time getting used to. Not to mention the 100% CG transformations making the characters look like rubber dolls being stretched to fit their costumes properly.

There was really little effort put into every frame in terms of animation that I felt sick to my stomach just watching it, but... as a loyal fan, I swallowed that and continued anyway.

As it progresses, read more