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Jul 29, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai is one of those H-Anime that follows one certain kind of fetish, well mainly. The main character suffers from the high and mighty school's council president Ai Ninomiya who daily insults and humiliates him in front of all the other students. He always has to do the dirty work for Ai and gets shouted at for every little mistake. Deeply mad at Ai, the main character sneaks into her room and finds a book with secrets about Ai that shouldn't be revealed. As he confronts her with this and see's that she is desperated, he takes the advantage and blackmails her ...
Jul 7, 2014
Cool Devices (Anime) add
Cool Devices is one of the classic Hentai-Animes that was worth watching it. CD itself Has 11 Episodes which are independent from each other. In each Episode you will experience a new kind of story, characters and fetishes. The Stories itself aren't really stories since there is just one episode and its more about the different kind of desires humans can experience. All different kinds like orgies, yuri, costumes, bondage, slavery, public sex etc. are included here. You surely will find your type of, even if you might dislike some fetishes.

This series doesn't include vulgar things like scat or gore though. If you would ...
Apr 20, 2014
Oni Chichi (Anime) add
Oni Chichi is a highly enjoyable Hentai Series with strong characters which isn't that common for the most of H-Anime. Airi is the main characters in this series, she is the one who makes the series worth watching than just one Episode. A cheeky little brat that gets her punishment. Later she entertaints the audience with alot of "fanservice". She always has new ideas to please her stepfather and get into naughty situations. If you are ok with this and that she has a threesome with her sister (not directly with her) then you are good to watch this series. Besides that it's morely base ...
Nov 11, 2013
This H-Anime is pretty much unrealistic and sometimes kind of silly in its story and especially how the newscaster Etsuko acts. From beginning she is a sex-obsessed reporter which masturbates even in her show to get alot of views. Since an unemployed kidnapped the daughter of his boss that fired him, Etsuko gets to his apartment and even convinces him to rape the daughter. Besides those pretty weird and dumb scenes, the sex scenes were really good animated and were even arousing alot.
If you like Kidnapping and Rape Scenes combined with an lustful newscaster who does all kind of special sex scenes, you will ...
Oct 25, 2013
Garden (Anime) add

I must admit this is one of the greatest animations and character design i have seen in the Hentai Genre. Besides that those Episodes have some special kind of atmoshphere, with the music, the flying balloons and the great colors thisnis something individual.
The Sex scenes itself are pretty arousing and *SPOILER*the idea that there is a place where everything that happens doesn't in the real world*SPOILEREND* is kind of something new at least. What made me actually shock and what i didn't expect was a lolicon scene within the first episode, this actually will make this H-Anime lose a point in the rating for ...
Oct 24, 2013
Fuurinkanzan (Anime) add

This H-Anime hasn't a really worthy Story to follow, there is something like that 2 different sides are on war with eachother, but this actually isn't important here. Its more about those girls getting violated in a very cheap and ordinary way. Besides this the animations are horrible. in a few scenes they just move the 2d pictures from left to right. The most scenes you might not enjoy because it just looks too... stupid. a few points for the character design and the horny girl that wants group sex. but that's it.
Oct 16, 2013
Elf Hime Nina (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

When i first saw the Covers of this H-Anime i liked the Characters Design and how they look like. The Animation wasn't really bad but the thing this H-Anime lacked of was a "soul". It seemed like it had to be done another average rape Hentai which was seen as work and not to entertain people.
Those Sex scenes were all so common and kind of boring. Besides that i have to say i enjoyed some scenes a bit, like when those tiny monsters raped the princess on a bed or even when the dark elf got taken by some "filthy orc monsters" in the basement. ...
Oct 13, 2013
Mixed Feelings

This sequel was slightly a disappointment for me to the strong original series. The quality of the animations is the same like before but the characters were much more uninteresting and kind of unlikeable for me. This series takes place a few years after the first series, so like the schoolgirls are done with school and already have a job. I didn't like Imari at all now, not concerning the later episodes and what she is then, no already from beginning, she was really different than she was a girl and her speech is different as well.

I would like to have seen just all the ...
Oct 7, 2013

Bible Black Gaiden is the Prequel of Bible Black Series and shows what happened 12 years before the series. The main characters are Takashiro and Kitami when they were still students, besides that Kozono is another main character that didn't exist in the original series. The Story itself is again pretty interesting since it explains the Background to the first series and as well its nice to see takashiro and kitami as you girls. you might even feel sorry for Kitami now based on the things that happened to her 12 years ago. The Animation is great like Bible Black and it has again really ...
Oct 6, 2013
Bible Black (Anime) add

I liked this H-Anime since i did, besides the sex scenes, finally enjoy the plot of an Hentai. It is a Mystery/Horror Genre which gets pretty Exciting. Besides that the Animation is just really GREAT, same like the Character Design. The sex scenes and Bodys are very detailed and smooth. Also the male characters look sexy, alot of muscles for the girls :3

The "Satanistic Sex Scenes on pentagrams are really arousing, gangbang, futanari, anal, very special but enjoyable stuff in here. What i didn't like were the scenes with blood but i have to admit there weren't much of it, exactly jsut 2 if i ...

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