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Feb 13, 2024
I went into this anime with the expectation that one of two things would happen: Either it emotionally destroys me, or I'm massively underwhelmed and unimpressed.

So what went wrong with this anime? Why the low ranking? Because like most anime it tried to hard be "funny". My main example of this is in an early episode where right after a very emotional scene we then cut to the main two characters in the car, and our android girl fully admits that she can not hold her bladder for much longer. Why? >> Not only is the moment ruined BUT WHY DO ANDROIDS EVEN HAVE TO ...
Jan 26, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
I was having a fantastic time with this anime. It's beautiful, its plot is solid, no complaints...
Then at the end of episode six we see the little sister of one of the main character's throw herself at her brother completely naked and asks him to "take her" after everyone suspects she is a spy.

Record scratch.

Eye twitch.

...But surely her brother brushes her off as "crazy" tells her to put some clothes on and that's that right? Right? NOPE he totally admits he slept with her as a means of controlling her in case she IS a spy. And with tha I am done and out get ...
May 24, 2011
When I heard that there was going to be a new FMA anime that followed the manga I was very excited. It followed the original plot well, but the first few episodes were boring since it was basically repeating the events that the original anime shared with the manga. Still, it was nice to see all the little differences.

After it got to the point where the first anime branched off from the manga thing became more exciting with the new characters, and for a while it was very good. However it seems like the plot was rushed at points, and minor things were cut ...
May 20, 2009
Well like most people I know who have seen this anime can't really explain what it's about or say what makes it so good. But if I had to catigoirize it I would have to put it under Drama. I was a little diaspointed for the lack of explaining the world they live in but things wrapped up nicely, and even though nothing much happened in the first few episodes it didn't bore me, which is also a plus.
May 19, 2009
Mixed Feelings
As a childhood pokemon fan I was actually excited for this movie, especially when I heard it was going to deal with platium but also be a sequeal to the rise of Darkrai. Well it actually wasn't that good and only mentioned it'd prequal once or twice. Sure the animation and characters were all good, but the story bored me even though it was creative. It had a sort of "Protect the earth" kind of vibe to it and even though I'm a green person I'm getting pretty sick of the message here. Now you might all hate me for saying this, but everyone ...
May 17, 2009
Air Movie (Anime) add
M y advice, forget about the series. It's basically telling the whole story diferently, and that's what makes it so much better than the series in my opinion. However the art seems drawn differently. It looks a but more lower qualiity then the anime did, and Yukito's hair looked purple on my screen. Now it might have been the quality of video I was watching it on, but that's what it looked like to me. Also the ending made me bawl my eyes out so bring tissues.
May 17, 2009
Air (Anime) add
Well at first it seemed a bit boring, but as most anime does they end some epsiodes with cliff hangers that keep you watching. Then about in the middle of the series they have some flahback episodes that explain why stuff is happening, but from there it gets confusing. I won't say what happens but what does happen to one of the main characters is confusing and makes no sense to me. And id you're a crier like me brinf a few tissues for epsiodes 12 and 9 or 10, I can't remember which one it is.

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