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Jan 13, 2017
First of all, before I start my review, I want to explain that I am an avid fan of the World Witches and I went into this new anime with unbearable levels of excitement. I am very well versed in the franchise by reading the novels, manga, short storys, watching the anime, translating several works, and operating two Strike Witches fan communities with the intent of using the powerful fanbase to create new and exciting things. So... while I intend this review to be more of a constructive-criticism type... it may come off to some people as overhwelmingly negative. This doesn't mean that I didn't read more
Sep 22, 2015
It’s not very often you come across a bonus episode or two that are so unique and refreshing that you have to take a deep breath after each one and reflect on how well it suits the series it is based upon and how much entertainment value it adds to the whole package. It's even rarer to think that a special episode can leave you craving lots more of something you didn't even know you desired until now! Shirobako’s pair of specials do just that and offer a truly one-of-a kind experience that you don’t get from your usual OVA extras.

First of all, you should read more
Jun 9, 2014
Let me start off by saying this:
I do not like to talk down about anime. I an usually incredibly unbiased and I have an appreciation for every anime released... to some extent.
I don't like to be negative and I don't like to write reviews that could sound hurtful to some people. But with Brynhildr, there is a problem. The problem is that I cannot understand why there are little-to-no contrasting opinions on this anime yet. Everything I've seen/read so far has been generally positive and praising the anime. I don't get it... isn't that unnatural? It's not that it?

No, it's not. There must be read more