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Jun 16, 2020
Back in 2018 I had picked this manga up but with only 18 chapters released, I had to put it on hold until more chapters were released. And now... 2020... oh BOY was I not disappointed.

Kabuki and homosexuality... a combination that's nothing unique historically yet the premise of Hanakoi Tsurane is... Brilliant!

Quick rundown of the plot without giving too much away:
The story starts off as your typical enemies to lovers plot. Sougorou, after failing miserably in a show and faced with criticism online becomes depressed and is immediately thrown into another role with his (seemingly one-sided) rival of the same age, Gensuke. And in read more
Jan 7, 2019
As a note, this review is only reflecting the anime (donghua if you want to be technical) as a standalone. I have read the book and I would highly recommend reading the book at some point.

Mo Dao Zu Shi does very well with (some of) their visuals. From Gusu sect's Cloud Recesses to Yunmeng Jiang sects's Lotus Pier and just the forest in general, they're all gorgeously drawn backgrounds that uses a muted color palette that is reminiscent of ancient Chinese paintings. You can really tell that they spent a lot of effort on the scenery. It's definitely one of the highlights of the series.

On read more
Aug 7, 2018
Log horizon is in no way pretty. Especially coming right after the legendary mess that is SAO, Log Horizon is visually inferior. Its animation and inconsistencies with certain characters and scenes made it look sloppy. But what was really strong about this show is how in depth the world is and how the characters in the show take advantage of the whole "in another world" situation. Log Horizon's approach to the "trapped in a video game"
I would give this anime a higher score but the romantic subplots tended to slow down the show. Although comedic scenes lightened up the mood, they felt out of place read more
Jul 13, 2018
I am moved once again by BL manga with strong characters. As any good story should go, if it isn't plot driven then it better be character driven (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) and part of that character driven magic is making sure the characters are interesting. The BL genre is over run with lackluster characters, boring and cliche "plots", and has little to no substance. Tokyo Shinjuu by Totempole has blown me away with its fun and dynamic characters. The manga is about Miyasaka, a listless guy with no real goal in life, happens to apply for a job as an read more
Jul 23, 2016
How do you even write a review for a oneshot without spoiling anything?

I have read countless BL manga in the past years since i started on this road of hell and when you've read 500+ BL manga, the cliches get tiring, the drama doesnt effect the audience, and/or overall forgettable. Just another BL to put on my completed list on MAL. I have come to the conclusion that a solid BL manga has to have volumes and volumes of content but here, I have found a good ONESHOT?!

What sets Hare no Hi apart from many of the BL that are out there is how read more
Jun 4, 2016
I could have had the opportunity to watch this movie at the movie theater but the only screening date was on mother's day which I thought was clever. A smack in the face since many LGBTQ kids are mistreated by their parents. But because of this holiday I wasn't able to watch it and instead ran into the sub version online.

Doukyuusei is a simple lighthearted romance between boys that are worlds apart but through chorus practices, they become close and as the years go, even closer. And that's it. A simple story about two boys and their high school days.

Probably the main reason why I read more
Sep 22, 2014
I remember when I heard they were going to make an adaptation on DRAMAtical Murder, me and the entire BL fanbase+other people were buzzing with the news and it easily became the most anticipated anime of summer 2014.

Honestly, I was disappointed. Not that I was expecting anything.

The story [6]
it was good. Seeing how I played the game, I saw where they were headed with the show but everything felt rushed, while the beginning was a bit of a drag (the game's beginning was also a bit slow). A whole ending with each characters was sandwiched between each episode. It would have flowed better if they read more
Jul 28, 2014
Updated 06/2020
There's now 60+ chapters so it's time for an update to this review!

At first glance, it starts with the typical yaoi starter: r*pe. In this case, blackmail. Nemugasa is so emotionally and physically abused it makes me wonder HOW did this relationship start and how the HECK did it become like it is today. But as much as I HATE this, the character development is very flushed out and developed enough for me to let it slide.

Now for the art. When I first wrote this review (IN 2014??!!) I said the art was "hot" but "hot" isn't enough to describe the art. read more
Apr 21, 2014
I am DONE with this shotacon stuff. I didnt know it was going to be shotacon when I found it looking through Arinfantasy's site.

First of all, I am permanently traumatized with Boku no Pico and it was not smart of me to start watching something without A.) reading the summary B.) checking MAL C.) not even seeing the front cover

The plot (2) was thin and it was just another hentai anime that's more fappable than enjoyable to watch.

Art (4): There was no eye candy here. Miisu was... not that attractive and Kuro looked like a girl (+1 for cuteness -10 for girly uke)

sound (5): I read more
Jan 6, 2014
This is my first yuri EVER so ofcourse im going to shower praises. As you can already tell, I am a HUGE yaoi fan looking in to yuri just next door. This is truly untrodden grounds for me so... yeah.

Also, I am a terrible reviewer so bare with me and I hope this helps.

When I thought I should start reading/watching yuri I had doubts because mostly of what I know about yuri is that it contains: ecchi, sex, fanservice, big boobs, and almost plotless... This however, proved me wrong. The feeling was light hearted and innocent from enemy to best friend without getting into the read more