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Feb 18, 2017
It's no secret by now that the SAO anime series was basically lackluster at best, combining lazy writing with shallow characters and only getting so much attention because of its brilliant character designs and astronomical production values. Ordinal Scale, though, was surprisingly good. Why?

Because for the first time, SAO became action-centric, rather than plot- or character-centric.

The TV anime focused heavily on its characters. The climax of the Aincrad arc was not Kirito beating the game (spoilers, I guess), but his last scene with Asuna. The Fairy Dance arc focused on its plot, and the Phantom Bullet and Mother's Rosario arcs were basically character studies. Since read more
Jan 6, 2017
EDIT: People, people. I went and saw this in a movie theater. In real life. Please stop asking me where you can download it, because I don't know. Thank you!

As perfect as they were, I almost regret giving the other two movies tens, for now I have no numerical way of showing that this one is far superior to even them. Spoilers for those movies, obviously.

Anyone who's seen the main Monogatari series can tell you that the difference between pre-Kizu Araragi and post-Kizu Araragi is like night and day. The question, though, is this: what happened in Kizu to change him so dramatically? There were read more
Nov 5, 2016
Who else /tohocinemasshinjuku/ here?

It would be more accurate to think of this as a thirty-minute preview for Mekakucity Reload than a movie. Jumonji is basically using this to try and convince people that they can do the Kagerou Project better than Shaft. And for the most part, I believe them.

Every aspect of this movie points to the fact that Jumonji is trying to perform a hard reset on the idea of a Kagerou Project anime. The character designs, for one thing, are notably different from how they were in Mekakucity Actors. There's the already-infamous Dorito chins, but Momo's hairstyle has changed completely, Konoha's hair is read more
Oct 10, 2016
TOHO Cinemas Fuchuu on day one! Booyah!

Now that I've bragged about seeing it in Japan like all the other reviewers, let me tell you why you should watch this movie as soon as you can. But before I do, let me make something clear: this is not a love story. It was never meant to be a love story. It never tried to be a love story. Do not fool yourself into thinking this is a love story.

I, like many people, like to compare this movie to Kimi no Na wa. Kimi no Na wa had amazing animation, amazing music, and amazing direction, but the read more
Oct 10, 2016
(Spoilers for the first movie, obviously.)

Shaft continues to adapt the best Monogatari story extremely well. I'm giving it a perfect ten out of ten, but it does have a problem: the way it was presented. Kizu should never have been split into three parts. It just doesn't work, for reasons I'll discuss below. But that's Aniplex's problem, not Kizu's. So I don't count that against this movie.

The animation continues to be amazing. There's no single moment as glorious as the "Araragi on fire" scene from the first movie, but a great many scenes look very neat. Additionally, the voice acting and soundtrack continue to be read more
Oct 3, 2016
It would have been so easy for them to make this anime good. However, Sunshine takes what made the original series so magical and throws it out the window. If you've seen the original Love Live series, you probably shouldn't watch Sunshine. If you haven't... maybe you'll find something enjoyable in it? This review will contain spoilers for the original series, though, as you're supposed to have seen it already.

First, I should admit that the animation is amazing. It's definitely a step up from the original series, and you can see proof of that in the very first episode. That doesn't stop it from having read more