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Jan 26, 2012
Gosick (Anime) add (All reviews)
Everything ahead is my own personal opinion, written on little sleep. Do not take anything as 100% perfect, and please try to work through parts that don't make complete sense.

Gosick is, to be honest, a very strange anime. Not strange as in weird or creepy, like Madoka, or even something you may have to watch multiple time, like FLCL, but it's strange because not every part of it necessarily fits together. And that's going to turn some people off.

Story: 7
I'm sort of torn on the story. If you were to summarize the story into one sentence, it would probably go something like: "Gosick is about read more
Jan 21, 2012
What to say... The show is good. The story is relatively interesting, even if you can tell what's going to happen about halfway through, when things go to hell. That being said, it is a clumsy excuse for a Harem anime. I haven't played the game, but it feels like they wanted to go a harem route and chose the worst possible way to do it. Most of the characters are stupid to the point they're frustrating, but there are a few "normal" characters I personally would have liked to see played out more.

This anime is the definition of "drama," like a telenovela, except they read more