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Darling in the FranXX
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Tomm01p Feb 21, 8:37 AM
I definetly want to give it another shot in the future. Who knows, maybe I'll like it next time around. Preferences changes over time.
Tomm01p Feb 20, 7:01 AM
I watched the first episode some time ago, but I've pretty much dropped it immediaetly because I don't really like the weird/odd characters such as the main girl is.
I'll propably give it another chance tho, I really like PA Works you see :D
Lorenzo Feb 16, 2:35 PM
At first Akane seems like Aoi 2.0, except actually good looking, but there's much more to her. She's not the most interesting character in the world, so I wouldn't blame anyone if they didn't care for her, but putting Aoi over her is just straight up blasphemous to me.

Oh I understand that feeling, I've watched a lot of let's plays, and sometimes after watching them I wanted to play the game, but everything was spoiled for me. The entire Danganronpa 1 was spoiled for me because of the anime, but hopefully the rest wasn't.

I agree, though Togami wasn't likeable enough for me, to care for him. Nagito and Kokichi on the other hand, holy shit their characters are genius. With them being so over the top they bring a lot of chaos into the game, in a good way.
Lorenzo Feb 16, 2:20 PM
Well then go play it as soon as possible, it's the best one in my opinion. Also how did the anime spoil you the second game, only the first is adapted.

And holy shit, even more things to disagree on:
While I don't really care about Byakuya, I understand why someone would like him, but I just straight up can't stand Aoi. She's the most boring character in the entire first game with a lot of annoying dialogue and a trash tier design. Every part of her body looks fake af. I have a soft spot for dark skinned girls, but she's really putting me off.
And I can't believe Toko is your least favorite, her dialogue is really fun to read most of the time, just look at this shit:
Her split personality is also very interesting. More reasons why I like her is because of Ultra Despair Girls.
Also why Tenko so high, she's the worst feminist ever.

Lorenzo Feb 16, 10:51 AM
It seems like our tastes differ a lot when it comes to DR.
It would be:
1. Miu
2. Kokichi
3. Kaede
4. Korekiyo
5. Kirumi
I've actually made a whole chart with my favorite characters from all games, since my friend is currently playing through them and we were discussing our favorites. So I guess I can show it to you as well:
Lorenzo Feb 16, 1:31 AM
It never got old or annoying for me, her lines were always fun to read. Also just think about it; she's both a sadist and a masochist, and she's really hot. It's literally a perfect girlfriend.

But I also really like Kaede and Maki, though I can't imagine myself getting along exceptionally well with them, so they can't achieve waifu status.
Lorenzo Feb 15, 4:01 AM
Miu is absolutely the best DR waifu and if you don't agree then you're wrong and all of your opinions immediately lose value.
Decibelle Jan 31, 1:24 PM
She's very much a girl who I immediately connected to around the time I discovered Danganronpa (back when I was 16, 17?) and fell in love with throughout the game. There's a lot of reasons but I think that's the simplest I can explain it to others. She's been my favorite Danganronpa character (and one of my favorite characters from anything ever) ever since.
H4n4n222 Jan 17, 2:28 AM
How are you ? I liked your profile 🤩
H4n4n222 Jan 15, 11:41 PM
TSW99 Jan 13, 1:50 PM
when are you going to resume reading manga ? you still haven't witnessed many the greatness that is berserk or vinland saga.
Kuroda Dec 13, 2017 3:56 PM
Well the ''others'' I've mentioned who don't quite enjoy the show as much as I do also know that the story is predictable on purpose and they don't like that part of the anime. From the beginning it was already clear that Nezumi would win the Taisen and that is probably what set most people off.

Usagi would be an interesting characterto me if he had more dialogue. He says about two sentences in the whole anime: ''Do you want to be my friend?'' and his name and warrior title.
By the way, most of the characters were a bit psychotic. You aren't really in your right mind if you join something like the Juuni Taisen anyway.

My favourite character is probably Sheep. I liked his background story the most. I don't know why but I have a thing for badass older people. Take a look at Whitebeard, King Bradley or Isaac Netero for example. They are some of my favourite characters. Of course Sheep doesn't come close to that but I still enjoyed his participation in the Taisen.

Something that annoyed me a bit was the uneven playing field. Nezumi, Usagi and Shuryuu were clearly the most favoured to win based on their op abilities. Boar, Horse or even Sheep didn't stand a chance to begin with.
AngeloMC21 Dec 13, 2017 3:05 AM
Before playing the game, i have watched the trailer and i saw Ryoma, from that moment on, i knew who i was going to pick as my fav. character. I tried to max my relationship with him using Kaede but THAT happened.After finishing the game, i think my favorite characters are:
1. Ryoma Hoshi

2. Kaito Momota

3. Shuichi Saihara

4. Miu Iruma

5. Gonta Gokuhara

I think, my sixth would be a tie between Kaede and Maki.
AngeloMC21 Dec 11, 2017 1:47 AM
Finally someone who notices my boy Ryoma!
LinkedHero Dec 7, 2017 11:00 AM
the god himself Goro