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May 22, 2016
A poorly done work from start to finish, the plot and execution was all over the place, like the mangaka was making it up as she went.

The characters are all as flat as cardboard, and have the logic of such. The logic overall of both the characters and the plot is ...weird. It's unnatural and forced, and stitched together in such a way it's almost random. Plot points and villains pop up out of nowhere, and side characters that have been so little indication or introduction they haven't been given names are pulled into the main plot as villains all along. Actually most of read more
Dec 3, 2015
*Contains spoilers*

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is well, very sugary. It is in all respects a simple shoujo fairy tale, but unlike many, not one outside the realm of realism or avoidant of violence.

A naive but determined girl named Ann is trying to deal with her mother's very recent passing. She aspires to be a skilled sugar-sculpture craftswoman like her mother, and now on her own in the world, sets out to reach a yearly festival so she can enter a completion. The road there is very dangerous, so she reluctantly, and against the humanitarian morals she has been taught, purchases a warrior fairy named Shall read more
Oct 9, 2014
The protagonist. Oh the protagonist. Erika, can she recognize a hopeless jerk when she sees one? Can she recognize when a person cannot return love and is only going to hurt her? Especially a person as cold as him with sadistic inclinations?

Nope. Or maybe she does, but she relentlessly stays with him anyway. Even when she really does know better.

Basically the whole manga up until chapter 13, which is the point I've stopped reading at, is just him treating her like dirt, and a dog(literally) and her continuing to run back to him, putting up with all his abuse, holding onto a hope that he read more