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Jan 23, 2015
Overall this Ova is a fantastic representation of the manga. The characters are portrayed better then expected each bringing over there comedy to the ova so well that if you aren't laughing I'm shocked.

The fighting in this serious is well brought over as the manga doesn't really follow any tradional martial arts but instead an all out crazy system especially in the beginning with an winners takes all system.

Overall amazing well done worth watching only a couple of episodes long and still this ova will produce a bunch of laughs and fighting enjoyment.

Downsides are that the manga is a much longer and In dept story read more
Feb 17, 2014
If you liked the badasses in gold in saint seiya this manga shows what there all about, a massive scale war borderline on the amazing concept and the great character and art work this is definitely a manga for you.

I found that Saint seiya was lacking a lot of fighting power and that everyone was extremely balanced this does not occur here the power levels of the almighty gold saints of Athena show what there all about, all the characters were amazing evil and good character fights all the way upto the ending.

Can't wait to read the other saint seiya spin offs anything as read more