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Jul 6, 2011
Many say that this anime is bad and other shit about it but thats not true at all, its great! Those people are just brainless... Its true that those people who read the novel may be little disappointed since this adaptation changes and leaves out many great parts and details, but its still great.

Story: I think that the story is well done. Its about a High School for Butei but i will skip the summary since everyone knows it already. What i like is that it takes known characters like Lupin, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Cleopatra and others and makes a good story out of it. read more
Feb 24, 2011
Hiyokoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hiyokoi is a nice and relaxing anime, its just a 1OVA Special. This is an adaptation of the manga, this OVA covers basically chapter 1 of the manga and thats it. The story is interesting, Hiyori is a really shy and small girl who had an accident and could not come to school. She was hit by a truck and was hospitalized, it is still a mystery to me how someone this small could be hit. That needs good aim lol. Anyways she comes back to school and as you might expect its not too good because of her shyness, her socials skills are low. read more
Dec 29, 2010
I can say that this was a bit of a surprise, it was better than i expected. Overall i like ecchi anime and stuff like that. You get what u want here, boobs, swimsuits and i did get a good laugh. What i was surprised about was the story. Most of you know that most ecchi anime don't really have a true storyline and all and most of the time the story is in the last episode. This one however is a little different which i liked. The basics of it are that Ninomiya is trying to help Mayu with her androphobia and they do read more
May 13, 2010
The first season of Darker Than Black was one of the best anime I have ever watched.
Story: The story here is pretty simple at the beginning yet it is one of the best out there. There are contractors that appeared after Hells Gate who have inhuman abilities for a certain price. They work for a secret organization called “the Syndicate” and the rest is a mystery. Hei is one of them, the anime starts with him doing different missions (each mission is unique and interesting) and then it kicks it up. Later you get to learn more about the past, Hei’s team mates, read more