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Jan 19, 2017
Infinite Stratos is a pretty decent anime, nothing too good or too bad to enjoy.

First off, the good points about this anime is the story. It's good so see some original content that brings the watcher into the anime to find out more about it. We get one genius (potentially a sexist too) who has created an exo-skeleton suit called IS (Infinite Stratos) that can only be piloted by woman, and thus split the world into two with women who are now the dominate gender, and the males who are classified as feeble, weak etc. And so enters our dense harem lead Ichika Orimura who read more
Nov 16, 2016
Gundam SEED was the first Gundam anime that I watched during high school and it got me into the Gundam franchise. I would always stay up late to watch it on Cartoon Network and I adored it back then, but now that I've matured more I see the hate for this show which I didn't honestly see back then.

Gundam SEED is set in the future where humanity has reached the space age and genetic modifications, which the latter leads to a hated war between the Naturals (natural born people) on Earth and Coordinators (modified born people) in space colonies known as PLANTs. To put read more
Aug 27, 2016
Once I finished the preview for this OVA when GundamInfo released it on Youtube, I was instantly hyped for it and after months of patiently waiting and finally clicking the video to play, my hype died becoming nothing more than a disappointment at the conclusion.

If you read the title of this OVA, “Island Wars” and thought that the cast got invited to a large free-for-all tournament being held on an archipelago, introducing new Gunpla and characters to the Gundam Build Fighter franchise, you are wrong. Instead of an OVA worth to be hyped about we get the cast who get to be testers for read more
Aug 19, 2016
With more than 15 re-watches counted, I think it's time I dug into the review of this rare gem and express my thoughts about it.

Let me start off the good points with our MC, Kenshi Misaki. He is a new intake to the common dense and generic MCs of a Harem genre. Kenshi brings excitement with his constant enthusiasm and energy when ever he is on screen so it's almost impossible to get bored of him. What really shines in him the most is his comedy. Whenever he gets himself in situations, he pulls funny and cute faces at the same time. The supporting characters read more
Aug 9, 2016
Shuumatsu No Harem, or in English translation World’s End Harem is that type of story that’ll only attract the audience of male teens and young adults, as the manga presents itself as a male fantasy with a few men left alive on Earth to help reproduce with the vastly outnumbering females. This manga was inspired by other anime and manga titles with the same “one male, infinite girls” concept like Nagasarete Airantou and Infinite Stratos. Like the said two anime/manga titles, this manga shares a mutual element with them and that’s a dense MC.

Story (6/10)
The base of the story is that a few males read more