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Aug 1, 2014
Ok, so let's start from that that the "Cynd" in my nickname is a shortcut from Cyndaquil and I am actually a pokemon. Just like Team Rocket's Meowth I managed to learn human speech and now I'm sitting beside my pc and writing this review.

What? You don't believe me? You think I'm joking? You say pokemon don't exist?

Of course they do. You think the Game Freak games were based on pure fiction? Even armies worldwide hire pokemon trainers to fight as mercenaries against foreign trainers.

You say it's not possible? That PETA wouldn't approve of having pokemon fight? That conventional weapons are way more effective read more
Jul 1, 2012
Since the ancient hellinistic dramas, through Romeo & Juliet, lots of romantic novels, movies, and finally in almost every anime. It's really unthinkable that there could still be any fresh and original idea for a romance. But suddenly it turns out that there's one series with completely new concept, so simple, that no one else would come up with the same idea. Nazo Kanojo X.

Story - 8/10

Continuing the thought, if you watch a romance there are usually just a few possibilities: there are two lovers, for some reason not able to be together; there are boy and girl that need n episodes to confess love read more
Feb 26, 2012
Most of us sometimes think of what would've been if one had done something, however, overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities we eventually give up on thinking about it. Kyousuke Sugimoto, awarded with Tokyo Anime Award for "The TV Show" - a music video he uploaded on his YT channel, strikes again with another self-made anime short, which tries to pursue this subject, and ends up proving it is... indeed pointless.

Story - 9/10

As it is not written in Anime description, Korekuraide Utau ("Singing my own way") show us what could be an answer to the question I mentioned earlier. It's really original trick - read more
Nov 12, 2011
Dreams. Small or big, simple or far-fetched, related to hobbies, future job or just dreams of making friends. Almost everyone have dreamt of something at least once. Tamayura is an anime about chasing these dreams. And no, not about huge triumphs. It's about achieving small successes and enjoying them.

First of all, if you:
a) automatically mark every anime similar to K-On! as moeblob crap, without even bothering about things like story or characters;
b) don't like slow-paced shows that, unlike mentioned above K-On!, mainly focus on drama than on comedy;
just give up already. You will not like Tamayura either.

Tamayura ~Hitotose~ is a sequel to OVAs (which take read more