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Oct 10, 2023
i'm the type of person that picks a show that piques my interest and binge it all in one sitting because i have nothing better to do. this show just so happened to be the one i picked today. 12 episodes later and, boy, i have a bone to pick.

first point, erika lied to fit in with these girls so she could make friends, which isnt THAT bad. however, the girls in question. they are. so annoying. the word 'friends' doesn't even describe them. they literally talk shit behind erika's back and tried to embarrass her infront of kyoya. but even so the two ...
Feb 25, 2023
Sakura Trick (Anime) add
ah yes. sakura trick. thats one i havent thought about in a good couple of years.
little eight year old me found this anime and was absolutely mesmerised. yes, this anime was quite literally my gay awakening.
....then why am i writing a bad review? well when this anime suddenly popped into my mind again i thought to myself "....wait...this anime weird."
of course, i am no longer eight years old. now, being almost a teenager, my mind and opinions has grown and matured with me. and what is my opinion on this show? it's mediocre at best and weird and fetishy and worst.

this show ...
Feb 26, 2021
Munou na Nana (Anime) add
Woah. I was not expecting that. And the other thing I did not expect was all the low ratings this show got ;~;

When I heard this was the 'among us of anime' I immediately jumped into the first episode. I'm gonna try and keep it as spoiler-free as possible ^^

10/10 no questions asked. The first episode is basically an MHA wannabe, until the end. The twist left me with my mouth wide open. Instead of trying to find the killer, you need to figure out a way to not get caught DOING the murder. Every episode was really good!

I don't really comment on art, ...
Feb 21, 2021
Okay, I've been a fan of the Precure franchise since 2019, it doesn't sound like a lot but I've watched a fair amount of seasons in that time. People could say that I would be the demographic for this franchise since I'm a young girl, so that's why my reasonings for not liking this show are not that strong of points than others but bear with me ;-;

The story was decent. It's like any other Precure plot, I don't have much to say. 4/10

The art could do better, I've seen better in terms of Precure like Star Twinkle, Kira Kira and HUGtto But it was ...
Feb 16, 2021
Comic Girls (Anime) add
(I'm bad at writing reviews, sorry)

I have always been a sucker for moe slice of life animes like Anne Happy, which is a recommendation if you like this anime. This anime even made me want to pursue my childhood dream again, which is to be a manga artist.

If I told you that the plot was 'four high school girls living in a dorm and making manga', you would automatically think that it was very, very boring. But OH BOY. This show's plot is so simple and so mundane, when you get on to watching it, something is just so charming about it! I really don't ...
Jan 6, 2021
(this will include spoilers, also I haven't written a review before so uh yeah-)

I'm not going to go into detail but I'm just going to write my thoughts. The characters were very good! we obviously have our happy pink main, a must for all Precure seasons. then we have our beloved smug witch Riko!! I love her so much! I don't know, something about her is just amazing but I don't know how to describe it. Mofurun was adorable and fun, most mascots in Precure are annoying brats, but Mofurun was just so nice and pleasant. Kotoha is a caffeinated pure baby and I will ...

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