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Oct 3, 2021
*Spoiler warning!* *SHORT REVIEW!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - The plot was put together pretty good if I do say so myself! I kinda wish we saw more Akito this season, and we got more than a short glimpse of Isuzu, but besides that everything was good! I feel like it balanced out slice-of-life dynamics and drama pretty well, and I enjoyed seeing Kyo open up to Tohru slightly more, as well as a lot of other characters get closer to Tohru!

Art/Animation 7/10 - It's pretty comparable to any other shojo anime I've watched, it looks pretty nice, and the animation is smooth.

Sound 6/10 - Normal, not much ...
Aug 10, 2021
Preliminary (18/25 eps)
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - In my opinion, the start of this season was pretty rocky. The first episode wasn't cannon and it basically just re-introduced the series, and then the first arc the "Joint Training Arc" was honestly pretty boring to start with. The pacing for the arc was weird, some parts were way too short while some went on for way too long. With that said, everything after that is pretty good. They switched up the placement of the "Endeavor Agency Arc" and the "Meta Liberation Army Arc" which bothered some people, but if you're an anime-only it probably won't be that big of ...
Aug 6, 2021
Sonny Boy (Anime) add
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
*Spoiler review!*

Story/Plot 8/10 - Very confusing, pacings good, some of the hidden themes are very interesting and get you thinking, and the whole concept is interesting.

Art/Animation 8/10 - Very nice, above average, reminds me of older psychological anime.

Sound 6/10 - Normal, voice actors are fitting.

Characters/Personalities 8/10 - People's personalities are very realistic when it comes to certain scenarios, I get annoyed by certain characters though.
Jul 28, 2021
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - In the 4 episodes I've seen, the plot is pretty well-paced. Compared to the manga it adapts around half of one volume per episode, and it doesn't really leave out any important parts. (It does alter some parts though, so that might bother some people.) While Miyuki is the main character in this anime, the 2 most recent episodes have seemed to focus more on Shizuku and Honoka. We also get to see many new scenes that weren't in the Irregular at Magic high school. (Because this is Miyuki's pov obviously.) This is actually pretty enjoyable for a spin-off anime, but ...
Jul 28, 2021
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - The plot was heavily based around expressing yourself in different ways. Anywhere from writing Haikus, drawing graffiti, to using the internet as a way to connect with the world. The plot was sorta choppy at times, and the ending was very open-ended, but the messages the story gave were very eye-opening and true. (The plot was also semi-focused on growing over your insecurities.)

Art/Animation 8/10 - Super unique art-style. It made the character designs look very cool and the inside of the mall was also very eye-catching. But, the world design was way too bright at times, and kinda threw me off ...
Jul 17, 2021
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 6/10 - The pace was pretty good for a 3 episode anime and the plot was fairly interesting, it was also cool the anime was set in the same universe as Bleach! But, that's about where all the good for the story and plot end. The anime was way too short and they left us with more questions than things we got answered. Personally, the plot was good in some aspects but overshadowed by the bad aspects.

Art/Animation 8/10 - Animation was fluid. And the art was very beautiful, it was sort of a mix between anime movie animation, shojo style, and shonen style. ...
Jul 1, 2021
Preliminary (12/24 eps)
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - The story's pretty good so far! The anime started a little slow, but soon ramped up and got us STRIGHT into action! I will say, for something that has an action-focused plot, it delves into other things pretty well. (Romance, comedy, friendship, feelings in general.) The pace so far is pretty good, 12th episode surprised me at the end though. Can't wait to see what the rest of the anime has to offer!

Art/Animation 7/10 - It's average I'd say. The color pallets for the characters are good, the animation and moves for the characters are clean and swift, the blood is ...
Jun 29, 2021
Mixed Feelings
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 6/10 - Where do I even begin? The pacing was honestly way too fast, and if they didn't put that almost 30-minute re-cap in the pacing would've been way steadier. The plot gave us more questions than answered them, the "parallel worlds" thing was super confusing, and we honestly didn't really learn that much. Don't get me wrong, finding out Neiru was an AI was cool and all but besides that, the only other thing I can remember us getting was "closure" for Koito's death. (Which wasn't really closure at all considering it made her entire death seem pointless, and also kind of ...
Jun 26, 2021
*Spoiler warning!*

This is the first anime I've binge-watched in a day recently, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Story/Plot 7/10 - The story started pretty slow for my taste. The first 3-4 episodes were a blur, and I don't remember them all that well, but they were kind of the stepping stones for the heavier themes and episodes that took place later down the line. The anime was also SUPER good at balancing themes, for example, the earlier-middle episodes focused heavily on friendship, romance, trust, and lightly touched on mental health and personal feelings. While the later/last episodes touched HEAVILY on mental health, self-worth issues, suicide ...
Jun 21, 2021
*Spoiler warning!*

Story/Plot 7/10 - The plot focused around all of the kids (Candy store, Kazune included) going on a trip to Okinawa! I don't have much to describe the plot, but the pace of the story was good for the most part. I will say, I feel like this should've been released before season 2 because this is the continuation of the OVA that came out right after season 1 and before season 2. But, besides that everything was good!

Art/Animation 7/10 - The art and animation were the same as the normal series. But, on the website I was watching the movie the resolution was ...