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Dec 21, 2014
Another touching and amazing season of this great series. So far the best in the series, this season touches the true epitome of what anime entails, both in story, emotion, and art, you can even finding yourself in love with characters you were earlier made to hate.

The bits of reckless art that were toyed with in Bakemonogatari have settled down to a reasonable rate. In short, they improved from where they left off with Bakemonogatari, leaving Nisemonogatari aside.

Story: (9) Without giving anything away its difficult to talk about. There are a few stories that occur, sometimes switching the characters focused on. The storylines are more read more
Dec 20, 2014
It really is quite a story. Umi no Misaki is very unique and can pull us into this lovely tale with suspicion, mystery, and a slight suspense that enthralls the ecchi and romance that surrounds the main character.

I liked the uniqueness and the suspense built into this manga. I didn't like the various awkwardness that was brought about, even if it added to the story.
Dec 20, 2014
This was great. It's a twister of action, comedy, and incredible neuroticism. The characters act together in great tandem, the subject starts out quite fun and dives into serious territory. It is very classic in many senses, but the twist is in its neuroticism. This manga really pulls the reader in.
Dec 20, 2014
Quite humorous. Incredibly funny, but requires the right sense of humor. If you have it, this show will not fail to lighten your mood with a somewhat dark subject matter. Perverse and filled with oddities, this show is full of insanity.

The story, being a bit random, isn't all that great. My wish is that they could have pushed it further and managed to get a stronger storyline together, though that may have detracted from the humor, which was probably the objective of this anime/manga.
Dec 20, 2014
Perfectly wraps up the original episodes. It could be viewed merely as extra episodes to tie down all the loose ends. It is enjoyable, introduces new aspects, and does a lot with a little time. There was nothing in particular that I didn't like, it just wasn't any more amazing than the original show itself.
Dec 20, 2014
The anime, while starting off like the manga, is great at the start. If you want a good story, you should get pretty far into the manga before starting the anime, so you don't lose the continuation.
Even with the rushed ending, it still has very many good parts. The action, the tense scenarios, the insanity, the atmosphere, and the humor are all to be admired in an anime.

The anime, limited to 51 episodes, is rushed to a finish in a lame fashion, much like the initial FMA airing prior to Brotherhood. This is what I greatly disliked about the anime, otherwise it was quite enjoyable.
Dec 20, 2014
Canaan (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you enjoyed shows like Black Lagoon or Steins;Gate than Canaan would be a shame to miss.

Incredible. Immersed in the present day, a story that faces the ugly that the world ignores. Humans that are tools, experimentation, mystery, action, and connections of the past, Canaan is absolutely inspiring.

Story: (9) It is a pretty short series, so the end left me wanting a bit more. The story is well rounded, and keeps you wanting to see the next episode.

The plot is incredibly interesting entangling horror and action into the present day. The tale sends a strong message to the audience in the characters used. It read more