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Mar 16, 2024
Well, this is a second Manga of Ozai Akira, that i have read.
The story centers about a Princess from a fictional country, probably in Europe... Who is Japanophile, this is how she is called in Manga, she is a huge fan of Japan and its culture, she was invited by a reporter from Japan, so when a coup d'etat takes place, she stay in Japan. Duriong her Adventures she meets new people 2 twins, wanna be comedians, a talented futurte photographer, whom she falls for. During her Adventure she even manages a Maid styled Brothel although during most of her trip her true identity is ...
Mar 3, 2024
Well, finally, I have reached the Light. For last few weeks I have been in the Dark. No really, After I picked up reading Hentai Mangas again, I picked a wrong author, although good art, but his categories were completely not my thing. But now, Oh God of Hentai, thank you for sending this Author to us. It has been such a blast reading his Birdy Body Go!!.
The Plot is quite interesting, it centers around Golf, which is also my favorite sport, and i love playing, or wait, isn't Sex my favorite sport, i am confused....
Anyway, the Manga is all about Golf characters, Trainers, ...
Mar 2, 2024
Gleipnir (Anime) add
Can't wait for Season 2.
Well now that that is being said let us review it. Finally since a longer time, I found a nice Seinen Anime, which is just 13 episodes long. Sure it ends in a way, which leaves you expecting a sequel, there is some more to be shown.
Anyway, the plot is exactly as I like it, more of a dark one, just what a real R - 17+ Rating needs, Action, Mystery and Supernatural with a small flair of some Ecchi. To be Frank, do not get discouraged by the first episode cause it is just, well OK and the following second ...
Oct 22, 2023
Well this one is a special for me. For Starters it is my 50th Review I have written. And secondly, I watched it and then re-watched this Anime to get a better understanding. Let us begin, SAO has made the first steps for other ISEKAI Animes but it is also one of most important Anime out there, cause it has a real connection to the real world. This Anime was way ahead of it's time.
The Creator wanted to make the real world and the virtual so much connected that there is no more bounders and you cannot tell what is what anymore. In this particular ...
Mar 25, 2023
Well, Holy Shit.
When I finished watching the original, i felt like, damn, now what. Naturally i picked Hellsing Ultimate and let me tell you it is the most brutal violence Anime I have ever watched and this is why I love it so much. I wanna look for some limited collectors edition DVD/BluRay Box or whatever. The Ultimate OVA does not go so much away from the Manga Source, which is complete the opposite of what the
original Anime did. Let me tell you, I knew that Hellsing Ultimate is going to be a great experience even before I started it. Nonetheless i underrated it. ...
Jan 19, 2023
first of all, why i choose to watch this Anime, it was on the List of the TOP 20 Best FAN SERVICE Anime. And truly, it deserves its place on the List, already with the 1st Episode it shows proof. Now after watching it, now... I was mixed weather to give it a 8 or 9. The reasons for an 8 would have been, that it left me wanting more Fan Service, i am not saying there was to little of it. But in Anime with just 12 Episodes, I've seen more and quite frankly, better Fan Service than here. Not complaining, thou...
But i ...
Nov 11, 2022
Ingi no Hate (Manga) add
this was a Blast, no joke. Exactly what to be expected from Takasugi Kou, first of all his drawing style. He draws Mature Women really realistic and at the same time sexy. In all of his works the Mature women are the most attractive.
Now but the real Highlight of this Manga was the Plot. At the Beginning looks like a typical story, Young Man x Mature and Attractive Woman yet with every chapter the story goes deeper, the characters gets more introduced, and all of them develop throughout the story.
Some dedicate themselves to carnal desires completely, while other develop Emotional Feelings, when understood that their ...
Nov 11, 2022
this was really a great, no joke, I enjoyed it through till the End. The first story was well written, it had a interesting plot, after starting to read it, the attention of the reader is caught, and you just want to read it to see what is going to happen next. The Plot has this a little bit of a Drama Vibe. The reader is able recognize the pattern of the story and the way it is going, every reader will have a prediction on how this story ends, only to be surprised. And that was what bugged me the most, I was ...
Oct 6, 2022
And here we are finally over the 200 titles in the completed category. Awesome and so is this movie.
Also, this is my 45 review...
Do you remember the days, when Conan did not know who Lupin the 3rd is and vice versa??
Ah the good old days, :D As you already understood this movie contain the first encounters of Conan and Lupin as well as his team, Jigen, Sensei, Fujiko...
The story is really serious and extraordinary takes us to a fictional country where our little Sherlock Holmes solves a case. Did I mention, Ran has a Doppelgänger? :D This movie has a nice combination of the ...
Sep 29, 2022
Hellsing (Anime) add
Well, Damn.
Even before I started watching, I knew this Anime is gonna be awesome, but this was much better than I expected.
Before I start, i must say it is a sin to watch this Anime in any other language, this Anime MUST be watched in English Dub only.
Shout out to Crispin Freeman, one of the best Voice Actors out there. I get goose bumps, when I hear him talking as Alucard, really, I promise so shall you all!!!!!! Since we are talking about Audio/Sound, let us continue. The Cast for the Eng Dub is just perfect. We have Victoria Harwood giving a elegant and aristocratic ...

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