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Dec 10, 2020
WELL, Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction
Now this is a one of a kind Hentai, it has some very interesting story aspects, like about the gun that makes it's owner go crazy. HM i wouldn't want that kind of gun. Yet it does look pretty. A story full of sex, every episode is kind of different situation and some things do not make sense. But the Hentai is very good, cause it looks like one of mainstream Anime, it has a good Opening Sequence with good music as like from some Action Animes, and an Ending Sequence which more calm and deeper. The Art and Sound are read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, Foxy Nudes, now this is a must watch Hentai, very good.
It is an old Hentai, but it is still a great one.
The Story is really good, it combines most of Hentai tags, like rape, in this Hentai that rape is done well, it is funny, not unlike in many Hentai.
The story has dark humor, it show how kinky, and depraved you can be and achieve your goals, this is what the main Female lead does. She just goes through life, by herself, no matter what happens around and who gets destroyed.
So a very good story, which seems light, but do not mistake it, it read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, this Hentai is one of a kind.
The story is just fair. It is tried to make the plot a deep, complex and kinky story. But it is practically impossible to achieve this in just 2 Episodes. 3 or 4 Episodes, it is possible. Anyway many things make no sense in this story, so from the deep story it becomes just to light.
Nevertheless that is compensated with great Art and design, a bonus for the
availability of the uncensored version, sound is done really well, even the Eng Dub is done good, which is rare in Hentai. All these factors led to very good characters read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, Cleavage is a very good Hentai.
Here we have 2 Episodes, which tell a light story about forbidden romance between stepsister and her younger stepbrother.
After the two characters try the forbidden fruit, they are both addicted to, but a competitor woman, a sexy voluptuous teacher of Art, who also wants to try a specific forbidden fruit, appears. And so begins a life full of bodily pleasures, with 2 busty women, like the name Cleavage suggests.
Art was great, although the Design is different from usual Hentai style, also an extra point, cause an Uncensored Version is available.
Sound was also good, and even the Eng Dub read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, it is again OVAs from one the best Shonen Anime series. Before we start, i want to mention, what is the best time to watch which episode, so that you may enjoy the whole Fairy Tail series to the fullest.
Short Story, After the Oracion Seis Arc which is episode 68 you must watch the first 3 Episodes of this OVA, then continue with the Daphne Arc until the start of Grand Magic Games Arc, watch episodes 151 and 152 after them it is perfect time for OVA 4 the Beach Training, after this episode continue with the Touranment Arc up to midpoint Episode 170 read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, Fairy Tail one of the best Shonen Anime ever made. Despite many haters talking about how stupid The Power of Friendship is, they don't get it, this is why Fairy Tail is so original. If it would not rely on Friendship, then Fairy Tail would be called Naruto, or Bleach, or One Piece. A Anime is Entertainment, so don not expect it to be like a documentary series, where everything makes sense. The best part about Fairy Tail is that unlike One Piece, it doesn't loose interest by making the Universe very complicated and introducing to many side characters.
Also the biggest flaw from Bleach read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, a truly great movie.
First of all, in order to better understand the movie and it's story, let me explain, how you should watch the Series so far.
Long Story short, after the Grand Magic games Arc which finishes with Episode 201 or Fairy Tail (2014) episode 26, A Gift (Okurimono), watch the Fairy Tail OVA (2016) Episode Fairie's Penalty Game (Yousei-tachi no Batsu Game), after it watch the Fairy Tail OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave, then it is recommended to watch the short Prologue of this movie first and only then the real movie. If you watch it some other way, you might miss read more
Nov 30, 2020
WELL, this is short special Episode, it is a Prologue to the Movie Phoenix Priestess.
It shows how Eclair became friends with Momon, and what kind of Life did she live, before the Events of the movie.
As short Prologue Episode it is very good, especially if you watch it before the Movie.
As expected from Fairy Tail the Art and Sound are outstanding.
As Prologue, it also makes a good introduction to the characters Eclair and Momon. Eclairs powers, powers of the Phoenix stone, and even the kind of person Eclair is. As for Momon it shown how did they start to share such deep bond, which is read more
Nov 24, 2020
WELL, The Devilish Cherry,
an interesting Hentai, with a story that give mixed feelings, we have a young, quite charming MC who plays a twisted game, he turns nurses into his sex slaves. And finally even the head doctor of the Hospital fells victim to his foul plays. The story had two flaws, one sorry Spoiler alert, the Gangbang scene in the second episode was completely unnecessary. There were many more alternative to achieve a specific goal, enough spoiling, if you want to find out what I am talking about watch it for yourselves.
The Second Flaw is that this Hentai lacked, i could have been 10 read more
Nov 24, 2020
WELL, Here we have a one Episode Hentai, which is a vanilla love story.
The story resolves around a doctor who just graduated from university, now he has to work as an Apprentice at a Hospital, but his Mentor is a gorgeous Senpai whom he knows.
And she isn't happy that he did not keep contact with her, so she finds various ways to tease, which leads to both of them falling for each other.
Will they be able to be together or not....
Watch it for yourselves and find out.
Now the Art is great, the only Problem which is common with recent Hentais, no uncensored version available.
The characters read more