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Dec 19, 2016
The first thing I thought when reading the first few pages was 'good God, that art though'.
It didn't get much better from there.
Elfen Lied is a series that could've really gone somewhere. It has an interesting basis as a story, but it just doesn't really deliver on it well. The serious, gory moments go back and forth with the impromptu fanservice scenes, which tend to be more awkward than anything.
The characters are typically of the exceptionally bland variety, with the exception of a few here and there (most noticeably the head guy with the glasses; I can't even remember any of their names).
The read more
Dec 15, 2016
In the era of anime/manga where people are going rampant with anthropomorphism, it's not surprise that they would do it with fish; something though that does set this manga somewhat apart is the fact that the humanized fish are technically mermaids, just with different ocean-life species. And I gotta admit, the idea of having a manga centered around mermaids that actually include different species of fish is a pretty interesting one.

The characters are decent at first glance, but the meat of most of them is how the author places characteristics of the fish into their personalities. Anko's bulb lights up when she's angry read more
Nov 18, 2016
There have been only two manga I have read that focus on a character with apparent social anxiety. Watamote, which is often known as an extremely cynical view on the condition.
And Hitoribocchi, which is more or less the anti-Watamote.
I came into both of these manga at separate times, but both manga were read during times where my own social anxiety were at its peak. Where Watamote is good for people who suffer under the disorder to laugh at themselves in a more mean-spirited way, Hitoribocchi is perfect for those who want a more lighthearted laugh.
The characters are all extremely likeable, to the point read more