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Dec 11, 2017
Join JJ and the White Nuts, as they seek to save the planet Marisa from the evil Noza with their Sega Light Phaser guns.

This Anime is your typical 80's sc-ifi filled with campy pervert humor decent and unique alien characters and a good soundtrack. I'm unsure if this show was made to support the Sega game of the same title, or if the game was made in response to the shows popularity at the time. But Sega's influence can been seen all over the show including OPA OPA.

If you remember what a Sega Master system is and you want to feel nostalgic for read more
Jan 19, 2017
If you're looking for hot 80's awesomeness, look no further because this Anime has it all! From .357 magnums, sports jackets, and new wave rock.

Ryo Saeba is Japans international man of mystery, who you can place your trust with because of his superior sweeper skills! But if you're a beautiful Woman you might not want to trust him as a man.

This light hearted action packed comedy is full of running gags, impossible situations, and a certain charm that will leave you wanting more.

Jackie Chan even made a live action movie, because that's just how awesome this show is.
Jan 19, 2017
Back in the 90's after watching the anime "Golden Boy" I could never understand why they never made more episodes? After all it was one of the best animated, and unique stories I had ever seen.

Well fast forward 20yrs, and thanks to the scary power of the internet I was finally able to read the manga...And now I know.

After chapter 5, things get really lewd really fast!

Part of the charm of the first 5 chapters and the Anime. Is that Kintaro never quite gets the girl, or so to say he gets the girl but leaves before he gets to score.
Unfortunately after chapter read more