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Dec 7, 2014
The fact that I'm starting to love even more survival horror stories made me read Bloody Maiden.

Twelve girls of a Naginata Club and their adult adviser went to a training camp on an island belonging to the club president's family. Long ago it was a hideout for a famous and extremely violent group of bandits, meaning that their goods were still on the island. However, when the girls are going to sleep their first night before training, the adviser and some few members start to disappear and get brutally murdered by a masked man. It is up to the remaining girls to survive...

The story is read more
Dec 7, 2014
First Manga I ever read, and now I'm starting to read manga, because Deadman Wonderland's anime was very incomplete, even though I loved the concept, and so I had the read the manga to get the answers I needed. And you should do the same.

So, a unique prison in Japan called Deadman Wonderland was built after an incident which involved an Earthquake. In this establishment, prisoners are in death row, getting slowly poisoned for 3 days and end up dying. However they can participate in circus like and entertaining events to an ignorant public from the outside world, thinking they are just "pretending" deaths. Igarashi read more
Nov 5, 2014
When I started watching this anime, I wanted to hear the voices in japanese, thing that I never managed to, because I therefore learned that this anime was an American answer to Japan.... And I'll tell you what, they were very successful, one of the best dubbed anime I ever heard.

They managed to fit everything like the art... I mean look at the details of the characters' drawings, their particular portraits, the dark "aura" they managed to bring from this dark world and look at cool gore scenes! A nice fitting music, enjoyable action moments and all in 5 episodes. What about Samuel Jackson's voice read more